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Of ZhongGuanCun banking center unscramble threefold
The design train of thought that the construction concept that the ZhongGuanCun banking center of the core position of square of male crouch ZhongGuanCun can develop continuously with its, human nature changes becomes ZhongGuanCun area to build a standard highest, the international with business affairs best environment top class office building. Lead in it, cooperate apartment of type of hotel of class of office building of circumjacent first class, 5 stars, hotel, meeting to exhibit center, Kang Tizhong the area of below form a complete set of heart, commerce and greenbelt square 200 thousand large shopping center of smooth rice, will form ZhongGuanCun jointly the mature trade group of contemporary internationalization. Undoubted, this is world of justing one side of ZhongGuanCun banking center is paid close attention to strongly namely by the market with the mystery that values continuously.

Unscramble one: Can you develop the tendency that is office building continuously?

No matter be economic domain or social domain, "Can develop continuously " already became to be paid close attention to the concept with pursuit by the whole world. After experiencing the SARS 2003, "Can develop continuously " this one concept with " healthy residence " , " intelligence changes the residence " the form is popular in Beijing, those who be bought room a group of things with common features is enthusiastic chase after hold in both hands, and outside satisfying basic use function as the office building of office space, also raised taller requirement to health and environmental protection, then, the office building of Beijing is hit in succession " 5A class " , " intelligence is changed " concept.

Actually, reflect " can develop continuously " " intelligence is changed " the earliest use on office building by Euramerican developed country namely, call " intelligent edifice " . "Intelligent edifice " the concept enters Beijing hind a few years to be improved ceaselessly and innovate, "Intelligence, energy-saving, environmental protection " the general trends that the new-style office building that can develop continuously has become office building to build. As Chinese high-tech development symbolizes -- the newly mark of ZhongGuanCun, zhongGuanCun banking center uses international achievement of top class science and technology is in can develop a respect to make continuously different with numerous breakthrough.

A of ZhongGuanCun banking center, B act wall uses glass of Low-e of double deck plated film, the ala comprises a long glass that has gauze by the aluminous casing of high-powered metal coating and clip. Vitreous ala not only have the effect that block light, still have special reflection effect, vitreous act wall connected the low radiation glass that penetrate to reduce ultraviolet radiate and smooth pollution greatly, can satisfy the requirement of indoor and natural lighting adequately, reduced the use of lamplight; Low-e of special double deck plated film is hollow glass can cut off again the illuminate of sunshine, maintain indoor and constant temperature, humidity, reduced the loss of the electric energy when numerous open of air conditioning frequency effectively, reflected science and technology adequately to be first, the design concept of green environmental protection.
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