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Did not come 7 years " 3 1 " develop office building of first class of or so B
So called " 3 + 1 " those who point to is 2004 ~ was opposite inside nearly 7 years 2010 the 3 big factors with far-reaching price of office building of Beijing first class and a crucial event. China and Beijing are in the whole world " new economy " under tide, of globalization and burgeoning technology arisen and inevitable accelerate reform of contemporary company system, resource of each city economy is configured afresh, company business mode produces tremendous change, because this company is right the demand of business address and office environment is occurrent also major change.

Meanwhile, the rise suddenly of development bitter fleabane that region economy encircles rises, alive bound is acting active role on new economy arena.

At the beginning of this year, " Beijing city whole plans " long make up put forward clearly " big Beijing " concept, develop " two axes, two belts, much center " train of thought, want to be dedicated to making economy of bay of annulus Bohai Sea encircle just about, achieve economic integration, the function that trend of this kind of development is sure to make Beijing regards a center as the city is strengthened further, make Beijing city divide the much center pattern of each administrative levels, characteristic to form necessarily at the same time. First class office building will be on a seek and area resource conformity, difference changes the way that changes with characteristic.

The confidence that professional orgnaization values market of office building of Beijing first class still basically comes from 2008 Beijing Olympic Games this one crucial event, olympic Games benefit will stimulate the enterprise related to Olympic Games economy and foreign capital enterprise to grab into Beijing very much tremendous business chance.

Of course, already was commented on by industry a lot of macroscopical adjusting control two knives -- land and finance also cause office building to develop business capital chain to be critical, gross of office building development is restrained, supply of first class office building is reduced on extremely likely and certain level.

The element on put together, below macroscopical setting, on one hand the demand of office building of Beijing first class will maintain rise situation continuously, on the other hand, the sexual price of office building of the first class before the Olympic Games amounts to a the most reasonable level than can arriving. We can reach 3 of market of office building of first class of Beijing of Olympic Games around fundamental conclusion: One, Olympic Games around, the price regards the most important adjustment as lever, reshuffle of supply demand relations of office building market, the company of 80% above can change afresh property, hopeful of market of first class office building greets huge amount to clinch a deal; 2, office building of the first class before the Olympic Games focuses model of etiquette of to the limit of one's capacity as the main carrier of fortune, the new Beijing much characteristic, business affairs pattern that divides administrative levels shapes already, the company is more specific seek the fortune source that suits this business development; The 3 all the more that flow to as the enterprise are clear. The industry collects all the more apparent, matthew effect is strengthened, enterprise space become divided is strengthened continuously, the functional characteristic of center of each business affairs is added more apparent.
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