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One, supply exceeds demand of office building of Beijing first class

The new investment of office building of Beijing first class made dosage exceeds floor area of 360 thousand square metre 2004, occupy put in a quantity entirely 1/3 strong, this kind supplies the phenomenon that centers to the limit of one's capacity, will last to 2007 first half of the year. End by 2007, the first class office building of Beijing always supplies floor area to be in about 7 million square metre, occupy 70% what put in a quantity entirely.

ZhongGuanCun area up to 2005, total supply will amount to 2.4 million square metre; CBD will amount to 5 million square metre; And the office building that financial market trader encircles nearly 1.6 million square metre will be before 2007 build entirely, besides center of this 3 big business affairs, still have the 700 thousand square metre of area of the 3 million square metre of extensive CBD area and Ya Yun Cun, south, among them great majority is first class office building.

If annual increase supply newly can basic be digested by the market, so arrived 2007 2010, office building market will appear to be able to be bought without the room. But the inducts a quantity to be supply only 1/3 with actually annual ZhongGuanCun, the 2/3 that remain will be accumulated rise after the Olympic Games be able to digest inside 4 years. But can support so that live without company of how many development 5, empty buy of 6 years. Development business people must adopt bright in dark depreciating sale is politic.

In recent years, the demand structure of first class office building also produced a change. The industry that 3 big business encircle collects a gender more and more apparent. ZhongGuanCun had formed the industry that gives priority to with industry of high-tech, education to gather belt; CBD is given priority to with line of business of trade, culture, contemporary service; Financial market is characteristic with finance and contemporary service line of business. In the meantime, in new economy times, the enterprise also produced about-face to doing environmental requirement, take the cost, requirement that changes office environment to human nature seriously to wait more for instance.

2, office building of Beijing first class is potential demand is huge

Because office building of Beijing first class centers to the limit of one's capacity, make rate of average sky buy apparent rise to 13% the left and right sides. Because Chinese market opens a domain to widen with Beijing economy grows quickly ceaselessly, and today bright the protection that two years China joins WTO period be about to end, the business of foreign capital orgnaization is extended in will farther active, will drive more service orgnaizations to appear, the demand of office building of Beijing first class will increase greatly. Especially ZhongGuanCun area, although office building increases supply newly relatively concentration, but the office building ability that only those have fine architecture quality and property service obtains better market to react.
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