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Development of Beijing ZhongGuanCun office building needs to be able to develo
According to world nation Wei Lishi predicts, to 2006, zhongGuanCun plans to will have the complete of high grade office building of 900 thousand square metre, in the business affairs division that future will form, high-grade office building occupies 75 % . ZhongGuanCun is new this year throw and the office building area that consign uses will achieve 430 thousand square metre, be in at present build reach open to booking about 2.44 million square metre.

According to statistic, zhongGuanCun is at present close in the office building of 2 million square metre, 1/3 be what prepare for large company only is medium high-grade office building. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, the expert gave out the pessimistic judgment with unreasonable structure, think the characteristic of the industry group of ZhongGuanCun is give priority to with medium and small businesses, supply of high-grade office building in great quantities in, to the office building market of this area, it is a kind of unreasonable state, development also is lacked but durative, because search in ZhongGuanCun,bring about numerous client be less than appropriate office building and evacuate ZhongGuanCun.

Course of study of place of garden of science and technology of chairman of chamber of commerce of ZhongGuanCun office building, Beijing Zhu Yijun of joint-stock company president thinks, of ZhongGuanCun in high-grade internationalization office building is not overmuch, however far insufficient. ZhongGuanCun industry upgrades a large number of demand that bring office building, although have a lot of office building so-called high end and internationalization, but the favour that underlying tone can not get large company of true transnational corporation and home, formed on one hand superfluous, on one hand effective in short supply. The high end of true high quality internationalization is written

Word building can get the enthusiastic response of the market certainly, should have the characteristic that can develop continuously.

To this, partial development company put forward an industry to upgrade the viewpoint that drives buy course of study to upgrade will develop office building to develop but durative. The public figure that holds this kind of point of view thinks, zhongGuanCun had cast off the appearance of base of research and development of electronic commerce, low administrative levels, become research and development of be in harmony, finance, commerce to wait for the area of center of urban business affairs that is an organic whole, inside this area not only industrial structure upgrades, and the company grows rapid, these formed the basis that high-grade office building lives in ZhongGuanCun.

Zhu Yijun speaks of, at present company of development of numerous office building is aimed at ZhongGuanCun market demand begins to seek break out of an encirclement, all sorts of upgrading the act of replacement comes on stage in succession. Some base oneself upon " zoology  , some forms that measure synthesis with cardinal principle enhance competition ability, some plays culture card, try to build unique culture atmosphere. The mark sex office building that has a few high end more offerred the development concept that can develop continuously. Develop anyhow, the fundamental a bit development that is office building must want what the demand ability of the development according to region economy and market gets the market to answer, having the characteristic that can develop continuously is the base that office building develops. The market changes to the demand of office building multiterminal, but office building always changes impossibly.
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