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2004 check of Beijing office building: Accurate damask vinegar sends Chuan of
Word of computation having gather into one says: To 2008, the integral supply of Beijing office building will amount to 10 million square metre, supply is more than demand far. And from current market performance looks, first class office building enters short-term concentration period of to the limit of one's capacity, this shows the office building market of Beijing has entered price of one individual character to compare very high period. In fact, as office building of ZhongGuanCun first class large quantities of construction are mixed supply, valence compares the office building sex of ZhongGuanCun to had entered better period, and a large number of supply that what because next year is coming,price of CBD office building also meets and return to a reasonable level.

According to wearing De Liang to go newest data shows, before 2004 3 quarters, gross National Product of Beijing whole town achieves 297 billion yuan, grow 13% compared to the same period, exalted hasten is firm; End this year July, beijing uses foreign capital agreement to sign a project this year number is 1016, grew 32.6% ; Use foreign capital forehead actually to reach 1.86 billion dollar, amplitude is amounted to 56.4% .

   Hire and empty buy are led

The near future, market of office building of Beijing first class is average hire continues to rise. Supply a side, zhongGuanCun and area of Ya Yun Cun share completion of office building of 4 first class; Demand side, office building of Beijing first class inducts a quantity to make an appointment with 100 thousand square metre. Because add supply newly to be centered in ZhongGuanCun area, shopping centre of whole the eastpart part does not have new building dish join the gang. The market appears demand exceeds supply posture, hire is general go up tone, among them CBD area is most apparent, average rent rose 5.0% , yan Sha, east 2 annulus area rose 2.8% , chang'an Street founds a state east gate area rose 2.3% ; Because ZhongGuanCun area is short-term supply relatively concentration, clinch a deal on average hire dropped 2.1% . Office building of Beijing first class clinchs a deal on average hire continues to rise, reach 25.2 dollars / month / square metre (practical area) , grew 1.4% ; Look from price, office building of Beijing first class quotes on average for 2145 dollars / building square metre, than going up the quarter rose 2.4% ; And empty buy leads a field, because partial section is short-term the concentration inside to the limit of one's capacity, make the rate of average sky buy of the 3rd quarter rises to 13.4% .

C of center of information of branch of the Chinese electron edifice of ZhongGuanCun area, be in harmony, the celebrity square of Yin Gu edifice and Ya Yun Cun join the gang of office building of 4 first class, provided the office area of about 257 thousand square metre, make area of office of office building of Beijing first class always puts a quantity to achieve 3.181 million square metre. Demand although of this quarter induct a quantity relatively on the quarter drops, but because Chinese market is opened,Beijing economy grows quickly, induct a quantity still greatly prep above last year the average level of 4 quarters. Never be the same as area induct a quantity to look, did not increase supply newly as a result of market of CBD, banking and swallow Sha area, this quarter and on quarterly photograph drops than inducting a quantity. And on the ZhongGuanCun with higher rate of quarterly empty buy, found a state the door / east Chang'an Street and east 2 annulus area inducts a quantity to show ascendant tendency. Because supply basically is centered in ZhongGuanCun area, the empty buy of this quarter leads this area rise most apparent, achieved 33.2% , and market of the eastpart part does not have new project completion, empty buy rate still is in drop, especially the empty buy rate of CBD area is only 3.8% . Although ZhongGuanCun area office building increases supply newly relatively concentration, but the market reaction with have fine architecture quality and the office building that property serves to still be obtained better.
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