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The sale after transforming values " of Shanghai " sodden poop deck dish vivid

It is reported, a foreign enterprise that has background of United States endowment bought the near future to be located in east a near 3 annulus large " sodden poop deck " . Exercitation reporter Zhou Xiaodong is photographed
● last year Shanghai part " sodden poop deck " after transforming open quotation, before long sale rate is amounted to 75% , some amounts to 100% even

Ou Mou of ● Beijing rising sun a large amount of " sodden poop deck " the near future is bought by a foreign enterprise, have additionally dish the attention that also is invested a company

According to statistic, beijing " sodden poop deck " hold capital estate the proportion of bad assets is larger, the day that can develop land as Beijing center decreases gradually, "Sodden poop deck " dish of attention that caused each square investment fund gradually alive. To manage clear as soon as possible the creditor's rights with bad assets complex backside and debt concern, contented creditor's rights just changes quickly showing demand, outside running a company except substance of large nation level, here the action of the domain begins firm of firm of investment of major of auction travel, home, fiducial orgnaization and investment of large foreign capital strengthen. The personage inside course of study says, this year Beijing " sodden poop deck " hopeful is entered more large-scale dish of current.

" current situation fluoroscopy "

Shanghai part " sodden poop deck " dish sell after work value

A variety of evidence make clear, of Beijing center area " sodden poop deck " this year also hopeful is entered large-scale dish of current.

Authoritative data shows, be in China bad assets is at present medium, bad assets owns estate larger proportion. Real estate of Beijing eye anteroom is bad although the amount of asset does not have specific statistic data, but its are existent amount still cannot small inspect.

The report says, a firm of more extensive fiducial investment plans to use fiducial method dish be located in alive east the city zone maintains the one office that floor area makes an appointment with 100 thousand square metre near benefit edifice " sodden poop deck " , but because the bank holds the credit of in the right way to evaluate to this project,wait for the job to did not make final conclusion tardy, bring about current dish of vivid job progress is slow. Additionally the personage inside course of study discloses, be located in sunny area a of area of the 3rd diplomatic mission a more large-scale " sodden poop deck " the near future already was bought by a foreign enterprise that has background of United States endowment. Base strong couplet invests management all right (China) limited company trustee, senior vice president old 詠 east the doctor says, base be in Shanghai by force to succeed dish of lively part " sodden poop deck " hind, will search in Beijing this year more appropriate intervene " sodden poop deck " .
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