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The France that morning paper dispatch just ends knocks gently section of accept real estate (MIPIM) the information that feedback answers makes clear, abroad invests orgnaization desire the hearsay from evacuate of Chinese estate market is disloyal. Yesterday, participate in knock gently section of accept real estate is chaired " investment China " the intermediate of forum measures director of district of couplet travel China Hao Sai builds pair of reporters to express, at present Europe invests an orgnaization to be valued generally to Chinese real estate, the business shop of city of the office building that investing heat basically is central city, second line and residence.

Hao Sai is built express, estate market of China is in global area has allure most undoubtedly, but because foreign capital orgnaization is not familiar to market of Chinese house property, in " land market whether as coequal as domestic company pay " , " channel of foreign currency pass in and out whether unobstructed " , " taxation system is perfect " wait for a problem to go up to be put generally still have doubt. These " misgive " mirror from a flank, the cost that at present foreign capital enters line of business of Chinese room ground is higher, the foreign capital orgnaization that intermediate quantity couplet suggests those did not enter Chinese market all right wants first " accumulate experience " .

Enter the overseas investor of Chinese market to succeeding, reveal piece " extended hold " the tendency of property. Propose the introduction according to Hao Sai, these centers of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou high-grade office building of the city is the target that foreign capital takes a fancy to most, it is whole are bought commonly, and prepare extended hold.

Measure the count that couplet goes according to intermediate, the scale that foreign capital bought property in domestic place last year not as good as 5 % , and what invest an orgnaization purely and be is fewer, because this Hao Sai is built,think, afraid foreign capital can is opposite from evacuate of Chinese real estate influence of generation of market of Chinese house property is " redundant " , foreign capital enters the impetus of Chinese market to still can be strengthened.

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