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-- real estate of the housing in visitting Jiangsu develops limited company general manager Yuan Ren arrogant

According to statistic of research center of market of Nanjing city estate, this year of office building appear on the market the area achieves 950 thousand square metre. The personage inside course of study is analysed, before be being added a few years of keep up to now the area of for sale, the office building area that predicts whole town can make work this year will achieve 1.5 million square metre to control. Source of room of office building market is adequate, the person that buy a house has enough choice space, face this kind of situation, the ox of person of general manager Yuan that house property stays in in says when accepting a reporter to interview: Only the office building ability of the advantage gains the market.

   Improvement does public house to become market main force

Face such large office building supply, how many does the demand of the market have? Yuan person ox expresses: "From us the sale status of regnant international looks, market demand is more exuberant. " the circumstance according to selling the site, the source of office building room of regnant international shares 76, from this year the beginning of the year begins what gained the market to approbate, up to now only remnant can make work 20 sets room source. Analysis of Yuan person ox says: "From regnant international owner buy motive to look, they are the purposes that stem from improvement to run public room for the most part. Expand as the enterprise ceaselessly, the malpractice of a few old office building is highlighted, more and more incommensurate their demand: Insufficient, elevator runs parking space canal of not tall, stale establishing a range, content does not follow efficiency to go up, office space designs environment of health of unreasonable, office configuration of not quite good, air conditioning is unreasonable etc. And these problems are in new overall improvement got in approving the office building that appear on the market, accord with a company to establishing the company image, need that raises office requirement. "

  The available supply rate of the market is not high

Yuan person ox expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, from the point of statistical data, the office building market this year is beg for be more than, but actually we should how much is the available supply quantity that statistical is the market. Actually, the office building product that can satisfy investor demand truly at present is not much, in numerous office building product, investor chooses satisfactory office building very hard. Often not be traffic inconvenience it is form a complete set not quite all ready, or the requirement that product itself cannot satisfy investment client.

   Superior goods can gain the market the largest portion
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