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Shanghai building city clinchs a deal the atrophic degree of the quantity beyond the anticipation of the personage inside mass course of study, but even if is such, drop in theatrical work of price of house of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, when price of Beijing tall house is tumbledown, shanghai building city still is maintaining the state that house price perch runs forcibly, let be about to borrow more very much drop the customer that round “ buys Fang Meng ” to one's great diappointment. Nevertheless, ” of alleged “ too high to be popular, the tall house price of Shanghai building city is in strong after large half an year, also begin to be faced with the concussion of numerous and negative factor. The analyst admits

For, if of Shanghai building city clinch a deal the quantity is in second half of the year cannot effective get warm again after a cold spell, the confidence of the market will further prediction of a person's luck in a given year, this brings those who send the price to drop continuously likely.

Refuse to budge grows in intensity

As go up an one of the biggest cities, shanghai building city is unusually sensitive to policy of macroscopical adjusting control. From last year the Central Bank publishs a room to borrow new politics since, of Shanghai building city clinch a deal capacity month by month is atrophic, the situation of refuse to budge that develops business and consumer is formed at this point.

The confidence that is based on pair of Shanghai economy progress and stronger to Shanghai consumer purchasing power judgement, give the impression of weakness does not agree from beginning to end in developing business to amount to the argue of 9 months in this subaltern, although for a time fraction developed business to adopt,small depreciate sales promotion activity, but the consistent action that keeps tall house price to still make numerous development trade. Data shows, in partial building dish still adopted rise in price strategy and a person of extraordinary powers curtilage below the setting of perpetual v/arc sale at reduced prices, shanghai building city first half of the year all valence breaks through 17 thousand yuan for a time / square metre, achieve the history new tall, and even if is answered normally backward, current all valence also is in 13 thousand yuan / square metre left and right sides.

But the boycott that develops business to maintained costly strategy to suffer consumer. With recent was July exemple, shanghai built housing to clinch a deal in July area annulus is compared fall 20.5% , and relatively the corresponding period dropped considerably last year 56.9% , relatively the corresponding period of the year before last year dropped 21.9% . And accumulative total of 1-7 month Shanghai builds housing to clinch a deal this year measure ten million and forty-four thousand square metre, than last year the corresponding period reduces 4.936 million square metre, fall amount to 32.9% . And an investigation of some website in year shows, the informant of 44.62% thinks price of house of Shanghai of second half of the year may drop this year; The informant of 20.05% looks smooth, think prospective purchasing power has overdrawn, price of house of second half of the year will maintain existing level. In addition, the informant of 59.75% expresses to will continue wait-and-see, won't buy a house temporarily.
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