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After Sichuan calamity the biggest 3 produce project autograph to make an appoin

In Sichuan the province announces to will restore market of major area tourism hind before long, chengdu of settle of project of first hotel after shake. 14 days, group of hotel of international of Hong Kong plute and new the area signs an agreement formally, decision investment is in 1.5 billion yuan repair newly build capital north hotel of class of the first 5 stars. As we have learned, this is the item of the biggest tertiary industy that Sichuan province introduces after “5.12” earthquake.

Regard the public house that at present Hong Kong has dimensions most as the group, plute hotel group has experience extremely to the management of high-grade hotel. This settle is new project already name of of short duration is “ new plute hotel ” , cover an area of about 55 mus, the plan invests 1.5 billion yuan, predict this year the bottom laid a foundation before in October, the left and right sides opened business 2011 greet a visitor.

Before seismic happening, this group is strong with new the intentional agreement that reachs this investment, and suffer in the industry such as Sichuan travel and hotel after the earthquake inflicts heavy losses on, both sides accelerated an autograph to arrange plan through consulting for many times instead, in a many short type of the solicit comments after the month signed an agreement. The group of plute international hotel that just represents as investment carries out trustee the graph expresses Luo Jun, still be opposite the foreground of Sichuan tourism is very hopeful, it is one of causes that the group promotes be born of this one project actively.

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