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The expert gets together Chengdu city diagnoses tegether

Shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River brings unprecedented panic to Chengdu citizen, also caused the high attention with safe to building quality and structure market. In the earthquake, person of a lot of Chengdu feels floor jumps over tall rock fiercer, suspect floor jumps over Gao Yue in succession insecure.

” of acrophobia of this kind of “ causes the wait-and-see state of mind that buys a house, and to estate market confidence be short of break, bring blow to Chengdu real estate. Offer by management board of estate of the Chengdu City " city of building of the Chengdu after shake reports " make clear, apt of the person that buy a house buys low layer house (began to carry out 1999 according to the country " residential building design is normative " , high-level residence reachs the residential —— reporter of 10 above to note) for 10.

On June 18, building of high level of “ the Chengdu City is aseismatic hold with ” of shock-proof expert seminar, the conference is sponsorred by management board of estate of the Chengdu City, invited expert of a batch of industries of domestic to attend, everybody's more unanimous view is need not “ fears tall ” .

Academician Jiang Huan becomes the Chinese Academy of Engineering to lead board of inquiry after shake to Chengdu 20 many buildings dish undertook investigating. He expresses, chengdu building fights seismic ability to had exceeded actual level requirement far, expression of epicenter is in the ground is very good.

With respect to the high level building and low layer build which safer problem, jiang Huan becomes academician to explain, no matter be the design level that what building has a science, have index of a reliability, high-level architectural is reliable index a little a bit lower, but susceptive earthquake effect is relatively a few less, and have tenacity more, because structure of architectural of this high level is safe.

In addition, after he is aimed at calamity, rebuild put forward to suggested at 2 o'clock: It is a bigger attention move go up to the consolidate that builds thing to can be being built, for example of the administer below Chengdu it is OK that Jiang Yan city has a lot of housings repair is used, can let live originally the stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses of tent comes home; 2 it is right when housing undertakes the structure is designed, greater attention from “ small shake not bad ” turns to “ big shock not to pour ” to go up, the life property that because the house collapsed,can endanger people is safe.

The Wang Cuikun of assistant director of building construction institute that China builds scientific academy thinks, the high level builds rock of epicenter is in the ground is normal phenomenon. Her explanation says, building code builds what fall in seismic action to be out of shape the value has a demand to the high level, although accompany floor to increase by degrees, architectural rock displacement can increase, but this index is to be inside the range that the standard permits, building a structure also is safe.
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