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City office market continues to heat up sales area of the four high
Domestic city usher in the office market boom since September, whether the land market, sell, or lease are very hot. In particular in: Commercial Office Space number of transactions reached the highest value during the year, office sales area of record highs, Grade A office rent hikes and around the market vacancy rate dropped significantly. The industry believes that the office market is heating up the inevitable result of economic restructuring. See from the long-term interests, strictly control the housing market will lead to overall economic structure has been optimized, the market will increase the demand for office space, which is conducive to the healthy development of the office market. Centaline September survey data show that the property market: the supply of commercial office block, the domestic business in 12 cities and 55 cases total turnover of office space. Shanghai Commercial Office in which the land in August to September are very active turnover of 2- month turnover of 17,13 cases were land area is 81 million, 60 million square meters, monthly transaction volume exceeded the total turnover of the first half of commercial office space volume. According to September land supply plan, October 30 in Shanghai will have commercial office space near the market, reaching this year's peak commercial office space transactions. Sales offices in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities in office 4 April sales area control after another new high, sales area of 592,700 square meters, the chain increased 22.69%, close to the level of 614,900 square meters month the New Deal. Real estate leasing, big Tier 5 Class A office rents broad based, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, rose 6.33%, 2.95%, 2.69%. Beijing Grade A office rents rose mainly due to the sharp Trade district raised the rent 450 yuan / m month, which pushed up the offer Grade A office buildings around. Phase II to promote international trade, China Central Place, PICC PICC Building rental chain rose 10%. Recently, the International Trade, Beijing Financial Street business district, represented by high-end shopping district office has been in short supply, vacancy rates low, rents all the way up.
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