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Investment office building 4 " look " should coach in professional personage hav
Investment office building has particular market risk, our proposal should coach in professional personage have drills is made

  See macroscopical economy environment

Investor needs element of mature macroscopical economy before investing estate, and because office building suffers the effect of macroscopical economy relatively apparent, it is more accordingly cannot exceptional, this pays close attention to relevant policy and macroscopical economy to go momently with respect to need investor situation, for example economic atmosphere of estate policy, banking policy, countryman and industrial structure state are waited a moment.

   2 visit project a sector of an area

"The first it is a sector of an area, the 2nd it is a sector of an area, the 3rd still be a sector of an area " it is the rule that the need when investing real-estate project follows, and also should abide by this law to have investment as office building. Whether is project of investor need consideration in business in the circle. If invest a purpose to be given priority to in order to sell, proposal investor should select group of the trade in development as far as possible, if invest a purpose to be given priority to in order to rent, proposal investor should be given priority to with choosing mature already business to encircle.

   3 see cause client group

Investor should lock up calm cause client as far as possible before investing office building group, client of cause of sufficient understanding group to the area, the demand of the respect such as area and establishment of form a complete set, will inspect the project that wants investment according to afore-mentioned client demand. And to office building door model the area will tell, investor should center eye to body of medium and small businesses, from at present situation of demand of market of Tianjin office building looks, the office building of medium, small family area is more popular in the market, such meetings make investment gets effective opposite faster, ease the reimbursement pressure of investor thereby.

   4 see investment opportunity

Most project can use inferior value to draw the look of investor when open quotation, but the optimal opportunity that open quotation is not investment office building, should choose project whole sale to lead the investment when exceeding 50% commonly, at the appointed time the class that analyse of investor part of one's job garrisons a company and the proportion that investor holds, if garrison a company class is inferior, scale of together with investor is exorbitant, direct meeting affects the integral figure when the project is being used normally. Not only such, when macroscopical slump, investor is sure meeting eagerly demand a low price, same in the contention fight that has to the client meeting affects oneself earnings.

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