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Floor price is not made public to inside story of a plot teachs you how to know
One ever held a post in intermediary company old, current for some building dish the message personage of sale chief inspector expresses, at present average salesperson sees the value of intent unit to consumer only, how the price of other unit is informed hard, store with data majority on one hand into computer, the salesperson does not want to be printed more about, concern to move valence to prepare at any time with development business, more important also is gimmick of a kind of sale, can make consumer be bought more quickly.

Inside story of a plot 1: Prevent adversary " to walk dish "

Building dish when making public put on sale, decorate, the affirmation such as gardens should open to the outside world, a few competitors also can understand easily. This moment, house price became confidential target, so average salesperson offers partial unit price-list to give the person that see a building only, different even salesperson is right same the price that covers an unit to also can say to differ, achieve prevent a competitor " walk dish " purpose.

Inside story of a plot 2: Force consumer is bought more quickly

This sale chief inspector says, do not see price-list more to consumer, also be one of sale gimmick. Because have the price-list of intent unit only, consumer is compared with respect to have no way, won't arise can buy the expensive, psychology that can buy the be swayed by considerations of gain and loss such as a bad unit, can make consumer make bought decision more quickly.

  Inside story of a plot 3: Move price at any time

Express according to this sale chief inspector, every roll out development business first phase new unit, to the market acceptance to the price how doesn't degree also have a bottom in understanding, can adjust the price at any time according to the circumstance of the sale so, of the change of its price fast, the price change that compares the green vegetables on market even is even sharp. Of course, this is adjusted can have to high-key also have to low-key, buying rise not to buy dropping situation, development business does not want to let consumer know floor price drops for certain, although rise, want consumer not to know a detail only, development business also can have more view, see the price-list of partial unit to consumer only so.

A salesperson is small just expressed, he is to move a sell like hot cakes of this company this year dish do sale work. This dish very good sell, "300 units have nearly 1000 people to register. " small just said to the reporter, the building is good sold, the task that the leader assigns also went. "It is originally sell the building it is good to go out, can lead imposed a requirement again, want end fall into disuse make, who sells floor price tall, who is rewarded; Who sells floor price low, I am sorry, want to fry a squid. "

Small just said to the reporter, every unit still has the price-list that leads them " protective price " , namely the floor level of unit price, and upper limit did not make clear a regulation, on floor level, have a few prices again, still have a few additional requirements, include to send administration fee, additional 9.8 fold etc, these are the stretch spaces that the salesperson can choose. If they can sell house price higher, deduct a percentage is higher also. "Say an old truth so, it is very important also to buy a house to be able to cut price. "
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