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6 gist dot should have done individual investment office building to prepare for
The near future, the research report that each big advisory company provides all thinks: Shanghai office building rents the market to will still continue to heated up prices greatly last year this year. Suffer the effect that China opened money market to foreign capital 2006 especially, orgnaization of foreign capital finance quickens dilate in China, first class office building becomes market quest " sweet pastry " . To investing the individual of office building market, should note the following point.

One, a sector of an area. The appreciation of house property basically originates the appreciation of land, and of the city advocate of central area land rare be short of a gender stronger, especially advocate central area range is narrow. Whether be located in a city advocate central area, it is the class that measures an office building and the first selection essential factor that whether have investment value. A word " a sector of an area, a sector of an area, still be a sector of an area " .

2, first class office building. Perhaps somebody can think, the price of second class office building is low, although its rent is some lower, but total investment is little also. These investor must note a such facts, when hire of first class office building rises ceaselessly, of second class office building hire valence to be in drop. Two land cost is actually about the same, cannot differ on price how many.

3, character. To the company that uses actually, the character of office building is crucial, be like convenience degree of traffic, whether extend in all directions, the design of the parking lot the grade that building of whether reasonable, property establishs quality of face, construction, old hall and decorate, composition of elevator quality and configuration state, structure is ventilated good etc, need one by one to compare, spot observation, on-the-spot experience. Because the character of office building is on certain level,representing the form of client company.

4, client group. If invest, should choose those the smallest also need 500 - of floor area of 1000 square metre rent a settle or live in a strange place. This makes clear, differ into the company level that is stationed in this property not quite, there will be relatively stable get one's own back henceforth. This also explains at the same time, you should have very tall head pay ability and strong reimbursement capability.

5, small family actor bad. When investing those to be able to cut very small area to have the property that sell, should special be careful, although on total prices may some cheaper, but as a result of the company class that garrison low, fluidity is great, can affect the level of management of this property. Not only such, when economy is bad, of small or petty proprietor eagerly demand a low price, the contention fight that has to the client can affect in the future earnings likewise.

6, conduct financial transactions. Office building invested the discretion of the doorsill to decide devoted size, whether can mortgage through the bank buy, need only head pay, sequel is passed " raise in order to hire borrow " means will offer a building. According to the computational principle of company of international major conduct financial transactions, measure one part property price is reasonable basic formula is, "Year 15 years = house property buys accrual × valence " . The property that is like investment year accrual × is more than the money that buy a house 15 years, show this investment project still is provided appreciate space.
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