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I am white-collar of a foreign enterprise, the month is entered 7000 multivariate. Although income is good, but I still feel money is spent not quite. I rented an one room the house of one hall, every months of hire is about 1200 yuan. Like to shop very much at ordinary times plus oneself, the money that because this is put every months,leaves is very few. I want to buy a small family all the time model commodity house, but do not know to want clever boy year save money of equestrian month talent is enough this money, how can ability realize my dream that buy a house more quickly?

Shenzhen topaz Ling

To most lone woman, small family room is the only way that buys a house for the first time. Because there is sufficient financing on at hand, mortgaging loan often is the first choice. However, from Miss Huang current life condition looks, overmuch consumption and chummage spent her major income. Accordingly, want as soon as possible assemble enough small family head pay, must make great efforts from each respects.

Reduce rent burden as far as possible. Miss Huang is current the big head of income basically is a flower go up in chummage, suggest Miss Huang considers to add up to the pattern that hire. For instance hire of a single boarding house is 1200 yuan / month, and the hire of two bedrooms is 1500 yuan / lunar left and right sides, its function and mobile space won't compare one room one hall is poor, if two people close,hire, every months of his chummage just 750 yuan, every month can save 450 yuan, still can make the same score charge of coal of management of equational booth property, water and electricity to wait with the roommate, what is there against it?

Staff budget controls cost. Consumptive expenses of every months basically uses Miss Huang at shopping consumption, recreational recreation consumption, luxury consumes this a few big fields, accordingly, reasonable control consumption is urgent affairs. After suggesting Miss Huang gets pay every months, it is first pay rent, buy all sorts of requisite staff budgets, the money of the others is put as far as possible come down.

Make a target put into practice. Conduct financial transactions plans to begin earlier, jump over those who be helpful for capital to accumulate with appreciation. Miss Huang saving is not much, because this must have a specific target, and the target must be detailed, can quantify, can examine. For example, put forward " merely I want to be in save money is enough 2009 small family an end that pays " be without a meaning, should listed more detailed target, for instance " must take out every months of gross income 20% put rise " ; "Must put economic at ordinary times expenditure rise " ; "Award also should be put end of the year rise " . Such, as each the implementation of little cause, success will come when conditions are ripe of big target nature.

Appropriate invests property rise in value. The target of conduct financial transactions that considers Miss Huang is pay in order to buy room head give priority to, because this capital had had affirmatory use, do not suit to have the investment of high risk generally speaking so, for instance stock or stock fund. When because need at the appointed time,spending money, if encounter the stock market to drop, meeting cannot from among them get away. Below this kind of circumstance, fund of market of product of conduct financial transactions of such as deposit, RMB, currency is the short-term investment that can consider method.
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