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Set inside discretion of area decision hire buys office building to should note
New policy impact is not big after new policy comes on stage by May, shenzhen is secondhand building market gets bigger impact, overall clinch a deal the volume drops considerably, but collect lake port piece of the area secondhand the influence that building city gets is relatively minor however. From the world near collect lake port shop of China land source understands, the market June clinchs a deal to measure and did not appear bigger wave motion, and keep balance basically May, and the market that rent is more active.

Port piece the property of the area with small family model give priority to, through market research and union world China clinchs a deal landedly data can see, port piece the area has 95 % above clinch a deal its area is in property centrally 90 square metre are the following, so new policy about head pay proportional regulation to be opposite of this area clinch a deal to was not affected, and more important is this area buy the home to be given priority to with Hong Kong client, financing is relatively abundant, to head pay proportional rise not so sensitive.

The building of adjacent port dish general Lou Ling is older, in port piece the area buys a building to be given priority to in order to invest, investment scale is controlled in 70 % . In active investment market, of a lot of residences buy year of number to won't exceed 5 years, what exceed 2 years even is not much, so investor can be accepted almost to business tax policy, won't cause to clinching a deal how old influence. The price rises smoothly, client of active and numerous Hong Kong or nonlocal client often meet the market that rent decide target lock the property around collect lake port to go up. This area is secondhand building market no matter buyer, bargainor, rental still square, bear hire square, hong Kong client amid has larger proportion, what occupy scale to be in 70 % above. At the same time because level of this area hire is higher, investment return rate is high, attracted the investment objective in city of building of a lot of Shenzhen to head for port consequently piece the area buys property to put hire. Because of this collect lake port piece area of 3 class market buy demand very exuberant, floor price rises steadily all the time, at present all valence is controlled in square metre of 6900 yuan of / , than this year the beginning of the year grew 16 % to control.

Port piece the comparison that house home uses after the property of the area is bought is little, it is to put mostly hire, the market that rent is active. Residential hire is in higher level in Shenzhen near port, average rent is month of square metre · of 45 yuan of / . Short-term investment is restrained new politics before coming on stage, port piece the investment objective of the area has is to have short-term investment partly quite, after investor often buys a property, can search an opportunity to sell immediately piece, in order to get short-term profit, frequency of property pass on is very so tall, individual property inside two months even by pass on 3.
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