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How to distinguish is trick of sale of general office building whole office buil
The sale of general office building gimmick

Say commonly, the sale of office building project can be divided for 3 kinds of circumstances.

The first kind, program in advance sells office building is entire those who serve as the first choice;

The 2nd kind, program in advance wanders away with respect to preparation of carry out course;

The 3rd kind, interpose at this both between, can say for " two tactics preparation " , or " modular approach both will do " model.

Adopt after all why to plant politic, concern with a lot of elements, for instance, develop the actual strength of business; The understanding degree of the region market that is in to the project is waited a moment.

Office building comes loose property inconvenience manages at uniting after carry out, the character of the project can be pulled next class comes, because of this integral character to assure a project, capital top class office building dish adopt the strategy that be sold whole entirely or sells the section is entire sale, the rest is whole layers mostly. To it contrary, the office building of low end because the client is the small company in growing more, choose commonly medicinal powder carry out is politic.

And the office building of intermediate class, facing a choice which viatic problem. In these projects, be like Silicon Valley bright city such sturdy alone the person that sell is not much, if arrange,stride gold to get so sturdy two 300 make the same score rice door model medicinal powder the person that make work is not much also. Great majority is to plan to run with two legs of the road.

Zhang Rong of chief inspector of sale of happy city international thinks, "Carry out comes loose before Feng Dingzhi no point. " the basic sale gimmick that Zhang Rong analysed them at the same time:

The first phase, before before sealing a top two months, take the kind of whole sale, negotiate with the big single client of intent;

The 2nd phase, leave a top remnant two months, if still signs single client without intent, can change whole layer to the sale. If be Chan Dong, break up is whole, if be double tower, meet only commonly break up, another continues to withhold whole to sell.

The 3rd phase, after Fengding, if negotiation case is not good still, change direction possibly medicinal powder carry out.

The 4th phase, after the face standing to had been built outside, if sell honest how terrible, so the way that chooses the couple that hire carry out.

This year the beginning of the year, on the project of some office building of the ground and enterprise of a high-tech begin to talk about full carry out, the area is probably 10 thousand smooth rice. The negotiation makes progress all the time very successful, then they put a person's mind to open 6 to 10 medicinal powder carry out, for this company obligate 11 reach 20, but appear finally problem: Because the pattern of office building suits to make an office not quite, buy the home to put forward to want to be made to the project trifling alter, but bought company comes loose not to agree below the building. Plus buying the home to also feel to alter is not very economy, this contract is so successful without the autograph finally.
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