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How does the individual invest office building issue of 4 big fields needs inves

How does the individual invest office building, become the topic that many people care. Recently, qi of grand of horse of inspector general of department of project of general embellish real estate points out when accepting the author to interview, the individual invests office building to want to notice the following big fields.

Above all, the appreciation of estate basically originates the appreciation of land, downtown area land is rare be short of a gender stronger, stream of people, content shedding, iformation flow gathers together with capital shedding, appreciation space is larger. Whether be located in central area of the city, it is to measure discretion of class of an office building and the chief factor that whether have investment value. "A sector of an area, a sector of an area, still be a sector of an area " , this investment logion must be written down sincerely.

Next, consider to invest first class office building as far as possible. Perhaps somebody can think, the price of second class office building is lower, total investment is less. But, investor must note a such facts, when hire of first class office building rises ceaselessly, of second class office building hire valence to be in however instead drop. In same area, how much cannot both land cost differ actually, price is low also not how many.

The 3rd, want to note the alternative to property. Like investing the residence, to the company that uses actually or client, the character of office building is crucial, the grade that the designs whether reasonable, property building of the convenience degree that is like traffic, parking lot establishs face and construction quality, old hall and decorate, elevator quality and configuration state and daylighting are ventilated good etc, need one by one to compare, the spot observes and experience on the spot. The character discretion of office building is one of referenced factors with rent a settle or live in a strange place main, it is representing pair of appearances of the company to resemble on certain level.

The 4th, should aim at cause client group. If inside the building the smallest hire a guest to also need 500 to 1000 square metre, this shows into the client that is stationed in this office building the level differs not quite, this kind of investment just can have relatively stable get one's own back. To investor, should have taller head pay ability and strong reimbursement capability. When investing those to be able to break up the office building that has selling into very small area, should special be careful. Although on total prices may some cheaper, but because garrison the company of property class inferior, fluidity is great, plus small or petty proprietor too much, can affect the integral level of this office building. When the market is bad, small or petty proprietor is met eagerly demand a low price, the contention fight that has to the client can affect investor likewise in the future accrual.
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