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"5A class " be the office building with a kind of what kind of concept just has

In the bookshops is circulating a view, those who develop the residence is pupil, those who develop business is a high school student, those who develop office building is an undergraduate, this shows, office building has the development that place of other property configuration does not have and operation difficulty. If unplug like emerge the ground and a when rise a hope that modern office building let us see Zhengzhou business affairs is landed, and face Lin Lin when the office building with total total different class, people can'ts help wanting to ask, what does office building have to evaluate a standard objectively?

What high-grade office building flaunts

"5A class " it is a kind of concept merely

When office building is publicized, can boast oneself are mostly " 5A class " , " first class " , in order to attract eyeball, but " 5A class " it may not be a bad idea, "First class " it may not be a bad idea, basically be to see cost and client group, the acceptance that includes the market degree.

5A class namely the concept of 5 automation, the office building market of on the world a few developed countries is more mature, they are used to will " 5A class " as the level that measures office building quality, but in light of combinative China national condition, this kind of standard is worth deliberate it seems that.

Rolled out via 3 2001 think of amount to digital edifice far did not achieve " 5A class " standard, but once the project is rolled out sell the day of market of Zhengzhou office building that gave 5100 yuan of every square metre price, why to meet such?

Course of study of buy of gram of Henan all alone Zheng Xinqiao of limited company president thinks, development of market of domestic office building is very rapid, the standard of judge office building can produce a change as different period, what a lot of second line cities that at present home includes Zhengzhou flaunt wantonly is alleged " 5A class " standard, did not achieve far in fact true " first class " standard, this judge standard can apply to the actual condition of each district only. And the standard of judge office building can have two main factors in the future, one is the application of modern technology, another is the application that zoology turns.

Henan alls alone beautiful of cloud of gram property vise general manager thinks, a hotel should be become " astral class " , oneself do not flaunt, travel however bureau definitive, because this is become business affairs is landed " 5A class " and " first class " even " 6A class " when the standard appears, what we should think over is, our office building does not have a such uniform standards, what telling you without the person is " first class " , what is " second class " , what is " third class " . Accordingly we should stand in same a height, go finding the thing that consumer needs most, and to them one guides, will increase a class of oneself product at the same time.
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