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The building town that who says Hangzhou does not have money to earn secondhand

Pan way one: Look at room of the accurate punish that tear open change

Investment story:

"If cover a house to cover one year more again then at the outset, can earn many yuan 40 more. " speak of to did not calculate that 2004 on very successful house property invests, mr Bao one face is depressed.

Mr Bao is invest to house property very the person that have fun at. At the beginning of 2004, he buys next is located in from inside hand of a friend the house of a near temple of agate of boreal hill road 67 square metre. Buy next this houses, because hear soon boreal hill road wants to transform punish,be, around a few old buildings or tear open change or punish. "If this house tears open change, if choice objective is compensated, can acquire the building of a coequal area in west lake edge later. " the price that Mr Bao controls with 650 thousand yuan buys this next houses, waiting pleasedly to tear open change.

After spending 3 months, a friend tells him, the plan that boreal hill road dismantles change to transform may pause. Then, mr Bao is in 2004 when, sold it at top speed with 680 thousand yuan price, net 30 thousand yuan. Mr Bao him gentleman feels to was less than time of half an year to earn 30 thousand yuan, already very pretty good.

After selling the house in Mr Bao, boreal hill road began to transform. Say artful also, passed more than one year probably, a friend of Mr Bao tells him, a colleague invests the old building of boreal hill road, net many yuan 40. Mr Bao asks, buy next homes of own house at the outset namely so. "Because boreal hill road undertook transforming punish later, after this covers building repair, look brand-new, value also is highlighted, in the market very popular. " Mr Bao analysis says.

In fact, the reporter understands, the person of house of the gentleman that buy Bao is be in technically secondhand the investor of the pan in room market. He is bought the sort of will tear open change, or the house that will transform, house of sit back and wait appreciates.

Investment comments on:

Put once upon a time, the room that tear open change is in secondhand the kind that little person make inquires attributes in building city. But as downtown house is more and more exiguous in recent years, those rooms tearing open change that are located in old the city zone begin to make a part secondhand the key target of room investment objective. I love Hangzhou the Zhou Baojun of research center of my home market expresses, clinched a deal last year south several cities only then the room cause that board bridge takes, buying the home is " hear there should tear open change " the word comes.

"Source of this kind of room, answer the word that change finds a place for later, can acquire the building of downtown, sexual price is compared is taller undoubtedly; Even if be different ground,find a place for, the price is more substantial also. " an investment objective thinks.
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