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Investment office building is bought namely primitive
When writing down this title, the misty rain outside the window dim, beijing CBD is enveloped in a rain during springtime.

Spring is the season that sow, alternate of billowy Shanghai late stock market achieves the history new tall, the stream noisy and confused that open an account, to April daily already exceeded 140 thousand person, mere first quarter new open an account number amounts to 4.74 million, exceeded last year of annual open an account several. Arrive 3500 a little bit from 2800 bits, the tank of press forward with indomitable will pointing to an elephant, resemble crazy ox, all fear by enthusiastic embezzle. In the heart of a lot of people, the world has a kind of color only, mad red, the color that rise.

Quiet, it is the office building with that one cloud-kissing flickering in the misty rain outside the window.

According to the report, a of Shanghai late stock market average price already relatively the H of Hong Kong tower above 121% , the stock of same company, in the expression that two kinds of huge drop already were on two markets.

Rational, helpless before mad temptation and cadaverous.

Those are condemned in ground of the speak with justice on the net " sudden huge profits " people steps into the stock market, became " sudden huge profits " sturdy angle person. Popular feeling, also be originally before the interest such flimsy.

Human history tells us: Reason and insanity, have the Yao of one pace only. Or we make investment, or we make game; Or we think attentively, or we by move the heart is wanton the ground is actuation, reason and insanity, so a bit difference.

The movie that once had seen the one Russia before the ministry " the dawn here is soundless " , the office building in the misty rain outside the window is so serene, instead let me experience it accumulate the energy of Yo and the latent capacity that erupt.

Do office building and stock have immanent intercommunity? Of course. Say from finance and financial concept, they are asset. Just, in system of a banking immature, in the market with financial underdeveloped tool, the price of asset often is underestimated badly. This let me remember equity divides the stock market before buy is reformed, full ground is full of gold ticket, be full of primitive.

Can be in at that time, a few people thinks they are costly?

Look nowadays the strange elephant of office building market: Be in Beijing a lot of a sector of an area, the price of high-grade residence already exceeded the value of office building, so that some develops the project instead residence of project approving of business general office building; The office building that average rent price wants the office building of area of Beijing Shanghai CBD to be the same as class than Indian Bombay CBD is small 50% , hong Kong of prep let alone, Tokyo; The floor price of area of Beijing CBD core already was as high as every square metre 1000 yuan of 5 10 thousand above, and the price of a few office building just 20 thousand odd, if calculate,go up every square metre of 1000 yuan of at least 4 above build bring cost, plus financial cost, sale cost and overhead expenses, sheet is the value of asset, be in 20 thousand above. And so low clinch a deal valence, from the angle of asset, can be really check inventory big reduction sale.
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