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Building book all over the sky flutters Lou Panliang bad people exhibits trap of

As " eyeball " economic arrival, to draw the look of the person that buy a house, development business is on building book article of it may be said. The colour and lustre of rich and colorful matchs again with elegant picture, unscramble commonly plus prose poem, and the appearance design of having a unique style, every time room is exhibited, experience all over the sky that the deepest is building book to flutter. Be in early 2005, ground of buy of boreal capital embellish ever cast bade to be worth 2000 yuan costly building book, cause a heat to discuss. So, in building book elegant appearance falls, can have what trap, how the person that buy a house should browse so numerous building book?

Fuzzy concept comes cover up a scandal

"In Xiao Baina of coffee hall listen respectfully rising and falling, spend good time in all in peaceful garden and child, the fun that enjoys the four seasons to have a good swim in the swimming-pool outdoor... the noble is exalted and feudal, the real taste of noble life. " face such description on building book, and elegant sketch map, whether can you have a bit to one's mind disturbed? But, building book is building book merely just, with respect to its essence, just develop business to the building dish planar advertisement. Regular meeting of building book middling is a few listedder special the place that attracts the person that buy a house, "Astral class is met, exalted life " , "Flourishing business, reach every aspect of a matter " , "Stereo traffic, extend in all directions " . However, in the backside of the vocabulary in these words, does the person that buy a house need what to problem note?

Construction ministry releases with the 88th order " commodity house sale runs way " apply in the round at beginning on June 1, 2004: This method to commodity house advertisement puts forward to make clear a requirement, namely orgnaization of service of intermediary of estate development company, estate releases commodity house to sell advertisement, content must true, lawful, science, accurate. Among them bright shown item, party ought to agree in contract of commodity house business, development business dare not list in ground of the brazenly on building book oneself to buying a house person the provision that cannot implement, begin to play however gave a few new game. Develop business to be when book of the building that make for example, be like to a sector of an area not be very good building dish can use " Cheng of ten minutes of cars arrives somewhere " , and the deficiency to commercial environment, meet with " be apart from such-and-such mart 20 minutes distance " the expressive means that waits for faintness will mask.

Inquire into the root of the matter check true gold

Increase as what the government superintends strength to landed market, the individual development business that appears before a few years is passed " set the subway to stand oneself " , " the afforest that make a holiday is led " wait for a few naked encroachment the case of consumer rights and interests has decreased considerably.
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