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Environmental expert points out: "6 big pollution " surround office building off

Environmental expert points out, at present our country numerous body is in what the white-collar of office building is sufferring 6 big pollution to surround.

Condition of Chinese room core monitors committee chairman Song Ansheng to say, according to the up to date information that World Health Organization releases, in every 10 people that have lung cancer death, have 1 person and yard place environment not beautiful is concerned.

Song Ansheng says, at present contaminant of the air inside our country office building basically has 6 big


The building decorates the indoor environment that create to pollute. The indoor environment that the poisonous and harmful material such as the formaldehyde that arises inside carpet of material of the asbestine in be like the ammoniac gas inside concrete antifreeze, fire prevention or sound insulation insulation material, interior decoration, coating, man-made board and floor, benzene, radon and heavy metal creates is polluted.

Do the pollution that fair furniture causes. Especially a few look be like clapboard of beautiful computer desk, office inside the harmful material such as under cover formaldehyde, benzene, volatile organic matter and heavy metal.

Modern office sets the pollution that apply. Office facilities is in the modernization such as copycat, printer, electrograph to be brought to people convenient with quick while also brought ozone, noise and electromagnetism radiate to wait for pollution.

System of central air conditioning is polluted. A few office building are used through a few years, much dirt, bacterium can build up inside the opening of market of new graceful bearing that central air conditioning sends wind conduit, air conditioning and filter, cause serious pollution when air is passed.

As a result of ventilated and bad to cause carbon dioxide pollution. In office building as a result of the environment relatively close, airiness not free, office staff much, because chroma of this carbon dioxide exceeds bid situation,compare serious. Usually, when chroma of the carbon dioxide in air exceeds a level, the person can appear giddy, disgusting wait for a symptom.

The indoor environment that smoking creates is polluted. Newest statistic data shows World Health Organization, often suck in yard place secondhand the person of smoke suffers from lung cancer odds to want to compare the worker in smokeless environment one times taller.

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