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October 49 Shanghai opened on the amount of real estate or delay the opening Ji
SouFun data control center, according to latest statistics show that 10 months (at 27), the city opened the project to determine the primary residence 60, the chain increased 18%, down 38%, delayed opening the project up to 49. Delay in the opening 49 projects, accounting for nearly one-third of villa October (up to 27), the primary residential city (including villas) project to determine the opening 60, the number of the chain opened 51 September increased by 18% year on year in October last year, the number opened fell 38% and 97. Delay in the October opening of the 49 projects In 34 apartments, 15 villas, villas accounting for nearly one-third. July to October, the city listed properties for sale were on 24, 32, 51 and 60, the opening number of projects with a slow growth. Contrast is proportional to "Kim nine silver ten" phenomenon during the delay has improved the opening, October 49 delayed opening program, the chain of 28 September increased by 75% over the August increased by 123%. SouFun data monitoring center analysts believe that October 7 "Shanghai 12" after the introduction of the city first-hand a wave of residential turnover dropped significantly, in order to limit the purchase of loans under the control of the main tone of the second, pick up the pace of the property market has been slow in October. September and October this year, the city first-hand Total amount of housing opening 111, 147 decrease compared to last year's 36. Supply of high-end residential densities of more than 10 real estate listing delayed According to statistics, 10 months, high-end residential projects in Shanghai to a larger scale of heavy volume, a total of eight items listed, including the new capital Forte International, Shanghai Star River, Yanlord Yi Ting, Lakeville Greenville, Xikang 989, Xu Yuan Xiong Department of Park, Greentown Bund and Broadwood home and so on. October centralized supply of high-end residential, a direct result of recent weeks, continued high price of commercial housing turnover. In addition, in October there are still more than 10 high-end projects within the Inner Ring delayed opening, Such as No. 1 River Bay, Changning 88 Hua Yuan Jin Ting and far-stroke and so on, opening time will be delayed until November or December. Industry insiders believe that, in October to the second control volume down again, hope that with the "Golden September and silver October" to promote sales High-end items for sale fell through the opening program, Oct. Check out the phenomenon of high-end residential market, but also allow some developers in the choice of opening hours become more cautious.
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