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High-rise office building construction experts to answer the "Big Five" aspects
In recent years, high-rise and high-rise office buildings, more and more people are many and complex as long working hours, and frequent contact with combustible materials, the slightest mistake could cause a fire. High-rise office building fire safety has become an extremely difficult task. Current Real Estate Times interview, Chief Architect Liujia Zhong Shanghai Institute of Architectural and other relevant experts on this issue summarize some of the "self-help Collection." Q: What are the factors that lead to high-rise office building fire easily? A: The rise office building fire hazard is mainly reflected in the multi-fuel internal of equipment, floors high, shaft and more. As high-rise office building to use more wood interior and organic plastic products, coupled with the mountains of paper files, and more fuel, a large fire load, as long as there is a small Mars that could lead to a fire. And high-rise office building in the event of fire, the fire difficult to control. Q: high-rise office building fire safety in the design and what are the problems? A: The development of high-rise office building in China is only 20 years of history, the early birth face the design of many construction defects, fire distribution problem of irrational, so three-dimensional high-rise office building fire suppression has been a worldwide problem. According to statistics, the knowledge, capital and other reasons, has been built around the high-level office building, to meet or almost meet the "fire protection design of tall buildings," requires less than 70%, the prevalence of fire fighting facilities "Duanjinqueliang" phenomenon. Q: How to prevent high-rise office building fires? A: The building department to implement the "Who is in charge, who is responsible for the" principle, strengthening fire management, and strengthen fire supervision, and implement fire safety measures to establish a responsibility system for fire safety level by level. In addition, the high-rise office building should be designed to set fire district, a large space divided into several small man-made space to ensure that when the fire broke out in a certain period of time to prevent the fire to spread other parts of the same building. Of course, enhance the fire safety awareness and self-help self-defense capability, but also the lives of every person "insurance to justice." Q: During a fire, high-rise office building on how to save ourselves? A: First, should learn to help themselves by building their own conditions. In the event of fire should quickly escape to the secure channel. Now do not take the non-ordinary elevator fire control. Because most of the passenger elevator down to the bottom automatically stop working. If you enter the passenger elevator, elevator shafts of hot air, the flame will be trapped passengers. Secondly, according to the different locations of fire from the escape to take a different approach. Fire broke out at the top, just quickly run down the stairs along the security can escape. Fire broke out at the bottom, and safe staircases and sealed by fire, in addition to running up the outside, no other way. If the fire has burned his room, they can only escape from the window, but do not jump from high buildings windows. At this time should look for a rope, such as the rope is not long enough to reach the ground, as long as the use of a rope down to the floor has not yet caught fire, kicked in the glass looking into the safety of the stairs, can escape. In addition, if the floor which has been on fire, the stairs have not yet sealed, and the fire is not very intense, you can put water-soaked clothes, rushed down the stairs or go upstairs quickly to evacuate the stairs and then evacuated to safe areas.
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