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"The strategic development of the land agent below new condition thinks " height

Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. , the stock market is such, shenzhen building city also is performing the below half act of soul-stirring. The economic environment of international home changes suddenly, add China 7 years building city is insalubrious the subjective crisis that develop and causes, causing building city it may be said of 8 years is the crisis 4 bend over. "Inflection point is talked " spread to the whole nation from Shenzhen overnight, receive and be to evolve more " 100 days of great change " , business of development of brand of Shenzhen building city leads depreciate, the abidance of the person that buy a house is wait-and-see, those who unaware is buyer no longer, however bargainor, a variety of elements all go against development business, the way that macroscopical adjusting control is willing to see least of all toward development business develops.

When the market is unpredicatable, development business how with when all goes in develop new vivosphere. Central Plains is landed hand in hand Zhong Huixi will be in on May 2 field spring hand in conference assembly room to hold " the strategic development of the land agent below new condition thinks " height forum, will invite countrywide noted economist, landed essayist, brand management to seek advice from business of expert, famous development to wait at the appointed time, spread out development to discuss to this problem, it is jointly bead the development of company of trigonometry estate development " feel pulse " !

This congress will be met head-on " inflection point " , straight face the current situation, the attitude that uses the most professional view and deal with concrete matters relating to work discusses a solution, please all circles pays close attention to cheek by jowl!

Mobile time: On May 2, 2008 15: 00-17: 00

Mobile place: Shenzhen can exhibit a center hall of 5 buildings peony

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