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Investment of real estate of the 2nd international and development exposition we

It is reported, investment of real estate of international of Shanghai of the 2nd China and development exposition (C Ity Scap E C H In A) will be in Shanghai to come on stage ceremoniously in June 2008. Bencibo sees meeting general suck draw the person that from 53 countries 70 many ginseng exhibit business to reach 5000 to attend the meeting, ginseng exhibit an area to achieve 6000 square metre.

As we have learned, see as Bencibo of the meeting sponsor square, the country grinds can exhibit a group to invite include China to build ministry, China to build real estate of commerce of culture center, China allied, ZhongGuanCun is praedial many 50 expert of government and the guild such as chamber of commerce and Shanghai world exposition; Wait for many sided to unscramble Chinese real estate from economic environment and investment climate for numerous international investor, will create the opportunity that strengthens contact and cooperation in great quantities for enterprise of Chinese this locality and international company, also will become professional and landed personage to create the best platform that contact and commerce negotiate.

It is reported, include Bahrain Economic Development Board, United States rice at present tall plum group, enlighten do obeisance to " fortune group " inside tycoon of a few large investment will attend exposition.

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