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Special subject: Real estate of EAC international business affairs develops mode

Time: On July 5, 2008
Place: Big public house of billows of gentleman of Zhejiang world trade
Compere: Very glad to gues-star chair a Great Master to speak, before the conference begins formally, I will introduce to join each leader of the meeting and honored guest today:
Welcome trifling of west lake of the Communist Party of China above all appoint clerical Mr Zheng Rongsheng
Zhejiang saves estate association chairman Mr Tang Shiding
Government of people of west lake division, warden Mr Gan Xinwei
Chief engineer of academy of Hangzhou city town planning design Mr Shang Hairu
President of American Long An group, before forgive of director of bureau of new York program and person
Gu Shenghua of director of research center of Zhejiang university estate
Director of association of American commerce real estate Ms. Kirsten Dick
Lady of nimble of father in law of case of shellfish of five at present
Senior vice president holds fund of estate of group of flag of beautiful national flower concurrently colourful of Yao of officer of Chinese presiding investment
Wear Yang Da of trustee of general manager of company of Hangzhou of heart bridge travel
Senior president wishs area of China of be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei 惇 is like a gentleman
Still have Hangzhou orgnaization of each big bank, finance still has the whole nation's well-known estate company, and Hong Kong, Beijing, Zhejiang is provincial the media friend that still has Zhejiang province, we express warm reception to the guest of everybody again!
This forum cries today " EAC international (business affairs) forum of China of landed development mode " , internationalization is today the theme of forum, the honored guest that so we invite today has authentic sea to put in a clique 's charge to still have international friend, still have a few well-known public figures, but this also is one kind symbolizes, any internationalization must want to spend couple with mainland, director of bureau of program of new York of the United States before we invite the first honored guest above all shows dragon to install group president forgive and person gentleman, applause welcome!
Forgive reachs a person: The secretary of west lake area of respect, area reach a few honored guests, everybody good afternoon, I a moment ago thought the leader that is west lake area makes a speech first, so I introduce us today the leader of west lake area, our Zheng secretary makes a speech first, I come on the stage again, zheng secretary has please!
Zheng Shu marks west lake area: Each each each honored guest of respect, leader, guest, forgive and person gentleman gave a first-rate task to me, actually we should be it is with the person this, actually we should are with economy this, actually we should with us all investor are this. So forgive reachs person gentleman a moment ago very brief language, to us Party committee and government gave a first-rate task. I believe area of our west lake all colleagues, have common knowledge, collective feeling with me, have a common cause, what we can do the business of west lake area is better!
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