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2008 " China lives hand in meeting " held in November

5 big hotspots are worth to expect this year

Annual China International estate and exposition of building science and technology (abbreviation CIHAF China lives hand in meeting) will be in Beijing to hold at coming 30 days on November 28. From this, china lives hand in also can take the 10th year. 10 years of harships, hold to 10 years, china lives hand in can go all the way, bearing the weight of " Chinese real estate the first grand meeting " , " the Oscar of Chinese landed bound " wait for high reputation, more made China exclusive " real-estate industry catenary is panoramic reveal trade platform " , borrow this to ascend 3 big estate exhibit body whole world.

The 10th lives hand in meeting general to continue to hold high the banner of house of new science and technology, new personality, new city, acumen catchs the industrial trend below integrated times, roll out the town planning with delegate industry panoramic catenary to exhibit and heat city land recommends real estate of meeting, brand to be exhibited greatly, China International high end is praedial exhibit, building ministry is tasted reach forward position of building science and technology to exhibit, travel of fair of business of service of Chinese real estate, China International is recreational and landed exposition 6 reveal a category greatly. Can say, this year live hand in meeting hotspot great, be worth to expect.

"The home of CIHAF China " appear

The application of the domain is resided in the person to reveal and promote science and technology, the China that develops way on behalf of Chinese future builds house of example of concept of science and technology -- " the home of CIHAF China " , will be in this second live hand in the meeting is ablaze come on stage.

"The home of CIHAF China " hold to can last 3 Dali study science and technology of house of person of development, green, building, below the guidance of optimization plan, reveal China the product of be a comprehensive expression of that at present foremost edge builds science and technology, provide scientific pattern plate and project case for Chinese real estate. Live in the China 2008 make meeting scene, several professional audiences can pass room of spot substance example and network imitate to reveal, take the lead in experiencing it is with the person this, exceed low cost can, Gao Shu is measurable, comprehensive the example of new generation residence of environmental protection. What can foreknow is, live through China hand in in meeting this, the authority of real estate shows the country platform, "The home of CIHAF China " move toward the future that affects Chinese house in the round.

Heat city land is recommended

"Heat city land is recommended meeting " it is current live make the one large new window that can roll out. The crucial element that land regards production as the data goes to hand in meeting, make hand in can become truly " real-estate industry catenary is panoramic reveal trade platform " . Media of business of development of governmental land branch, estate, investment business, news will have accordingly face-to-face communication and trade opportunity: Policy of investment of mutual introduction city, unscramble land to develop a plan, recommend land to develop a project, can realize the spot finally to negotiate the autograph is made an appointment with. It develops those who attract the whole nation and even whole world business, investment business, town planning to design an orgnaization, be in " money " with " the ground " between, between government and enterprise, build to trade, the bridge of communication, collaboration, study.
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