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The 6th China (Hangzhou) business shop exhibition kicks off

Business spread out opens act spot

Yesterday, sponsor jointly by Chinese trade union and government of Hangzhou city people " Chinese shopkeeper congress and Chinese commerce real estate communicated the 6th Fair, China 2008 (Hangzhou) business spreads exhibition " kick off in center of Zhejiang world trade.
Business spread out is brought into Xibohui can exhibit a project
According to this net understanding, the meeting that this second congress is support of key of national Department of Commerce exhibits a project, and be brought into Xibohui can exhibit a project formally 2008. The retail trade that congress will finish in the light of setting of our country macroscopical economy expands the actual demand of environment and retail business, the way that offers the mode with directional viewpoint, advanced more, maturity for native land and retail industry, revolutionary thought and direct but endowment the practice case that draw lessons from, at the same time land agent of stimulative shopkeeper, supplier, business and finance invest an orgnaization to just communicate collaboration each. From commercial real estate the project provokes mass rally of business, shopkeeper, cast financing to negotiate wait for each angle with height forum, postpone business to join all-around provide communication of complete information of commercial real estate and platform of high quality service, it is grand meeting of communication of commercial real estate.
Already held 5 business spread out continuously, borrow the condition of commercial real estate with current Hangzhou to be chance, exhibit meeting brand in order to make major to be a target, elaborate scheme, elaborate organization, in the whole nation middleman and guarantor of congener business spread out is holding lead position, also have certain influence and dimensions in home, especially nearly 3 years every attract ginseng of project of real estate of about a hundred commerce to exhibit, accumulative total participates in the audience that invests commercial real estate to amount to 50 thousand person-time, showpiece gross area of project of commercial real estate makes an appointment with 80 million square metre, accumulative total clinchs a deal the forehead amounts to 5 billion yuan.
Land agent and brand businessman's collective arena
Sponsor unit introduction, current exhibit can continue to produce the effect with governmental dominant, complementary resource, attract domestic center city, project ginseng exhibits the fine business real estate that grows trigonometry area especially. This the grand meeting of commercial real estate with royal dimensions has 3 big characteristics: 1, scale is large: Current exhibit an area to make an appointment with 12000 square metre, predict to at the appointed time will land agent of close a hunderd schools is joined exhibit, ginseng of orgnaization of 500 commerce brand is met, already had Dalian at present 10 thousand amount to group, Jin Long course of study of buy of group, sufficient beautiful, without Sikkim too tens of homes such as course of study of Long Shi of house property of Hua Long of lake house property, Hangzhou, Sichuan power are famous the enterprise signs up ginseng exhibit; 2, commerce and real estate hand in hand, close to in all double beat development: Exhibit during the meeting, the organizing committee will hold project of commercial real estate and plenary meeting of butt joint of famous chain brand; 3, height forum, start tomorrow in all: Congress will hold height forum, discuss the new environment that at present development of the shopkeeper below commercial situation should face, reach the new strategy that should adopt, new pattern.
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