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Yinchuan city will hold eleventh August estate exposition

The reporter learns from management board of Yinchuan city house property, exposition of 2008 Yinchuan estate will be held at coming 9 days to be in Yinchuan city on August 1, this is the eleventh that Yinchuan city holds estate exposition.

According to statistic, join this year exhibit a project to achieve 49, ginseng exhibit total floor area of of all kinds building two million seven hundred and ninety-five thousand five hundred square metre. Among them, ginseng exhibit the residence to have 19767, the area is two million three hundred and eighty-one thousand five hundred square metre about, the housing under 90 square metre is occupied about 56% . According to introducing, what Fang Bo meets this year is main
Content has building of commodity house high-quality goods dish reveal, secondhand the room hands in easy information to reveal, estate height forum.

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