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Harbin autumn room exhibits ad hoc office building to exhibit an area

Sponsor by bureau of residence of haing city house property, the Harbin that the day carries exhibition company undertakes house of the 27th commodity is on sale meeting, the 8th secondhand the room trades congress and Fair of product of industry of 2008 autumn residence, will meet in Harbin international on September 18 exhibit a sports center to pull open heavy curtain.

At present each preparatory job of congress is in fervent in undertaking, already had company of more than 20 development, 10 Yu Jiaer hands ginseng of business of sale of production of product of house broker company and building materials, adornment signing up is exhibited, the organizing committee is ad hoc " business shop and office building exhibit an area " will become current exhibit the one big heat of the meeting.

According to introducing, build as haing city the city zone, those who transform pace accelerate, the loose north, benefit civilian a few new business that order to drive with science and technology or green agriculture are encircled preliminary already form, formed with the old mart after transforming " echo each other at a distance " situation of interest good investment. This makes a few have commercial value extremely " business is spread " or " office building " become a merchant " the ground that contends for surely " , consume constant change of the idea as the citizen at the same time, also made the new way of common people investment, conduct financial transactions. For this, the organizing committee was established " business shop and office building exhibit an area " , the citizen that make have investment or uses intent chooses his favorite house property more intuitionisticly, handily. It is reported, the job enrolling business of this area already was started in the round now, business of a lot of development is spread or the enterprise of office building already called an organizing committee, refer detailed information.

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