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Development business maintains the opportunity that does not fall to depreciate

Be called " Jin Jiuyin 10 " the National Day of optimal sale opportunity, cold however cannot again cold: Clean Zheng of reason of chrysanthemum of adze of  of 7 health die young blows shrimp the person that graceful large? buys a house is little, during still breaking Fair of estate of autumn of wait-and-see; Shenzhen feebly, bridal chamber clinchs a deal the volume drops repeatedly even; " 11 " before long holiday 6 days, hangzhou advocate day of house of commodity of the city zone all clinchs a deal the volume drops than September 4 into... such, the mentality that explains the public buys a house is increasingly mature, current house price still too high to reach, they continue only wait-and-see, await house price " high fever " retire.

Building city is cold it is hot, active advantageous position is making work room person on the hand, want to make building city heat rises, have to fall house price. This kind depreciates is not to make exterior text, the petty favours that get a point will decorate, not be the Xiaoli that lets a trifles, and should be honest depreciate.

Any commodity have rise to also have fall, can be old since, commodity house rises not to fall only all the time, of commodity house rise sharply make estate business people obtained sudden huge profits, down to " receive money procurable send soft " . But if commodity sells do not go out, can be a product only, the businessman has to pay price. Commodity house unlike general merchandise, its profit is big, cost is high also, the time that delay is longer, the loss that suffer is more severe. Right for the person that buy a house, hold to down to of a few months one year unchallenged, from this bit for, estate business is held out hard with photograph of the person that buy a house.

Well-advised businessman uses a few businessmen that maintain to death to make foil however, depreciate sale, firm earned, what reflected businessman take advantage of an opportunity and move is astute. If come from September 29 on October 5, 18 buildings that constant earth produces dish launch linkage sales promotion, source of 20 thousand flatlet is hit on average 8.5 fold. Result open quotation answered a paragraph to be as high as 3.1 billion yuan that day. Look, estate is maintained to death in cold building city is not maintained, seek apparently high price with its, be inferior to complying with actual, depreciate sale. Otherwise, the camel also will pull thin horse, when arriving, depreciate again, be afraid of is late.

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