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Real estate hits price war to develop business selling office of fight hand-to-h

Attract more person to arrive selling office, arouse the collective that makes landed in October total trade your. And in the last 2008 quarter, "The battle of the selling office " will evolve into landed bound to decide whether successful " hibernate " battle.

Be in " 11 " in the golden week, performance is good person will continue to prepare for war sales promotion of below one phase; Expression not beautiful person, one is initiated probably after arousal more the price of swift and fierce counterattacks.

No longer implicative price war

Shanghai is in Beijing is deep wide city of 4 ground floor, future a month, the price war that in advance starts will no longer implicative. "Landed course of study already entered metaphase to adjust, the hour that depreciates publicly namely next. " Zhong Wei of director of research center of banking of Beijing Normal University says.

On September 22, an investigation that comes from the Central Bank shows, anticipate in economy gliding setting falls, the number that in future the plan in 3 months buys a house takes countrywide town resident than dropping considerably, achieve the historical lowest level since investigation began related the Central Bank 1999.

Of the apiration that buy a house mean damply considerably, more person that buy a house prepare to continue to postpone the time that buy a house. They believe, continue wait-and-see will make oneself obtain a lower house price rebate. Of this kind of mood spread your land agent feels blast a chill, before this, a lot of land agent are right of 10 thousand divisions depreciate sniff, aux would rather project 0 clinch a deal to also not be willing to depreciate considerably. Be in Hangzhou, an informal land agent does not depreciate to be established federally rise. But, this faces the situation that part on bad terms federally now.

The landed company of Beijing acts quickly also, rise to make the stream of people of the selling office much, development business recalled respective way. In Beijing subway of bridge establishing water stands the selling office of project of Long Dezi gold around, development business held old photograph of family of a Beijing to exhibit, and promise gives out the person that highest to notching finally photograph is offerred the bonus of a huge sum.

Beijing another east the project outside 4 annulus announces, because depreciate,will be opposite sales promotion and incur losing old owner is returned return price difference. Between one night, this project reputation is far pass. However, this is probable it is artifice of a sale only, the old owner of this project complains in succession before the National Day say, attracting numerous media to follow suit after the report, goal that achieves propagandist company project, development business rejects to discuss any detail issues that share about returning profit now.

Landed advertising content is occurrent also apparent change. In landed ox city, the advertisement content collective of landed project presents the style that gives buckish luxury, but, now, project advertising content has served as the price and discount the mainest sell a site.
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