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The expert says price of next year house may fall again 5% development business

The reporter chats further be informed, capital of steam again of company plan the end of the year 10 100 million, because time is not worth 3 months, pressure is very great, adjusted sale strategy so. To open quotation price, young lady of the Song Dynasty criterion 3 close its mouth. The reporter examines minutely repeatedly, she: "Also 8, 9000. " exhibit in the spring room last year on the meeting, this building dish price is every square metre 10900 yuan.

According to reporter understanding, this year " 11 " the golden week, a few real estate develop business people of do one's best depreciate sales promotion, nevertheless, beijing field did not appear substantially dozen fold and low open a phenomenon. Most development business still is in wait-and-see, and depreciate to be more " craftsmenship " , adopted " open quotation price " , " send decorate " , " special offer room " wait for a form.

But, consumer still is many what look, those who buy is little, development business is used " desolate " two words will describe.

The data of net of Beijing estate buying operation shows, arrived on September 29 during October 4, period room lot measures Beijing commodity house about only 412, day all is signed measure 69 about. Last year " 11 " residential day all is signed during the golden week make an appointment with a quantity to be 246, than last year the corresponding period dropped this year 72% .

Not only it is Beijing, estate in former years " Jin Jiuyin 10 " sale picture also makes the history in many places. The city such as Nanjing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Changsha, Xiamen, Hangzhou, clinch a deal the quantity compares little. Especially Shenzhen, estate of 5 days autumn hand in meeting, although house price goes low gradually, but day all sale is insufficient before 2005 clinch a deal normally odd, more cannot with compared 2006. Statistic of bureau of house property of Shenzhen city land, came on September 29 on October 3 in these 5 days, whole town clinchs a deal only 317 skill room, day all clinchs a deal only 63, all valence also drops nearly one year first partly defeat 10 thousand yuan.

Not only it is skill room, secondhand the sale of room market as much stagnant. Come from me love data of statistic of company of broker of my home estate to show, this year " 11 " during the golden week, secondhand the advisory quantity of room owner and client and entrust quantity and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year keep balance basically, but clinch a deal measured photograph comparing to drop 28% .

The place saves city to change declining tendency hard

Of city of golden week building low fan, let a few local government that save city only then makings do not.

As we have learned, this year since second half of the year, many province city are pushed in succession new politics " help city " , stimulate stagnant building city.

The most conspicuous is Nanjing helps city new politics. "11 " before the golden week, nanjing municipal government released 20 to help city new politics. Besides raise specified amount of accumulation fund loan to spend, 2 flatlet enjoy favourable loan interest rate again under the area, abolish one room the profit such as one price is good outside, nanjing city still will is opposite first the person that buy a house provides the subsidy that buy a house.
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