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Observation: State of mind of the person that face temptation of sales promotion

Insusceptible model  

Move when this skill

Multifarious sales promotion measure is admittedly adequate stunt, each building dish also greeted an upsurge seeing a building really. But these stunt are affected for the consumer of rigid to the consumer of very reason and existence demand and not quite.

On September 29, in the Feng Dingyi of residence of constant blessing international type and owner acknowledge on the meeting, sale hall sits full new old owner, appearance is lively and extraordinary. Be in early August, mr Feng bought this building dish two units, one lives oneself, one is used to son marriage. Although every square metre is expensive during price comparing National Day close 200 yuan, but ostentatious still skill. Mr Feng expresses, early in the morning knows to there can be activity of a lot of sales promotions during National Day, the price also has reduce certainly, but when National Day, the person that sees a room is much, those who suit oneself can be not buy certainly under competition door model, because this in advance moved.

On September 28, the sale spot of size of one of China government office returned " silver-colored 10 " hot. Buy estate adviser is busy introduce a product for the client, spot client is busy choice likes door model with decorate a level. According to divulging, size of one of China government office clinched a deal that day the quantity already amounted to more than 60. Garden of a person of extraordinary powers was in bright and beautiful river early to was rolled out August show a house, buy namely live namely, attracted with the price of 3800 yuan of every square metre numerous the urgent customer that buys a house. Mr Jiang that prepares next year marriage expresses, look show a room to be able to be experienced directly door model practical, also sweep the trouble back at home that reachs a house besides delay. "Although house price is flabby now, but marry need house, took a fancy to fall order. Took a fancy to fall order..

Continue wait-and-see model  

Still perhaps can depreciate

Gentleman of the Song Dynasty is in clear far work 5 years, prepare marriage of the end of the year, soon wedding day is closer and closer, can marry used room has not been fulfilled. He and fiancee walked along Qing Dynasty almost during National Day far each board piece building dish. But plan loan buys him of the room or carefully computational room is borrowed increase brought burden. He calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter, take price of every square metre 3500 yuan, area for the house of 100 square metre, the total prices that buy a house is probably 350 thousand, besides hand in head pay 30% besides, the following still shifting pressure still is not small. Gentleman of the Song Dynasty says: Eight pounds carbon of ⑸ of  of epiphysis of っ of  of Tuan of  of baric Mu Bin to kill? of type of Wu Qi  to perhaps be returned to the end of the year can come ' big diving ' " .
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