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Investment office building 4 great attentions

Small make up clew A
In minuscule building investor 9 avoid:

1, see purchase price only, do not look hire valence.

2, see hardware only, do not see a service.

3, computational method is incorrect, the argument of implicit salesperson.

4, see oneself only, do not see whole.

5, see gain only, do not see a risk.

6, beautiful energy is too big, do not be this computation cost.

7, beforehand crackbrained think, moment counterpoises at dimension.

8, do not care secondhand the market.

9, ponder over ability difference, handle affairs by the feeling.

Small make up clew B

Ask when calculating return rate not oversight is the following 10 parameter:

1, the tax cost that purchases property, retaining fee, insurance premium.

2, the reimbursement specified amount of consign of the place before consign.

3, property overhead expenses and oneself overhead expenses.

4, decorate, expenses of depreciation of furniture, building.

5, first hack fast convert into money.

6, rate of client break a contact, the client is on the move rate, give a client avoid lease.

7, the rent prices of near future trends, the trends of prospective hire changes.

8, the tax cost that rental place involves.

9, intermediary cost.

10, loan interest, head payment capital cost. In interest rate respect, office building wants prep above house the interest rate of nearly 1% .

Small make up clew C

Of office building " 5A " intelligence changes:

"5A " intelligence is changed is to show OA(office intelligence is changed) , automation of BA(Lou Yu) , CA(communication transmission intelligence is changed) , intelligence of FA(fire control is changed) , SA(security intelligence changes) . If use " 5A " if evaluating the quality rating of office building, it is the error on understanding of a kind of concept, if the somebody on the market is hit " class exceeding 5A " the word of office building, that is more a kind very not professional view.

Small make up clew D

"First class office building " meaning:

First class office building is current inside the industry initiative one kind when form passes through make a way, the country does not have the regulation of existing writings in this respect, what kind of office building just counts is true first class office building. Also cannot find this name in our country's active building design standard, discuss meeting discovery carefully, it is the foreign trader that is representing artificially with business of Hong Kong and Taiwan and outback development business in the process of office building of joint development concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, be introduced stage by stage and the vocabulary that popularity rises, be pledge office building integratedly element differs according to its, can differentiate to wait for a few grade for armour, second, third, tell from common sense, office building of first class of the judgement on international has 8 big features: 24 hours of administrative internationalization, office building, human nature is changed, comfortable sex of the space and practical, digitlization, energy-saving change, convenient traffic and business affairs are changed etc.
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