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Personalized small shop " hide " into office building

The interest watchs form of new life of floor world economy

The high buildings and large mansions in the city is bristly, the gens going to work in the building everyday in and out, busy, immerse oneself in the job in them actually when, also creating the burgeoning economy strength that did not realize even oneself, a brand-new noun also is born from this -- floor world economy. The company of office building opens more more, those who have a tradition, also have innovation, all sorts of " condition of new life of Lou Yu economy " Yu Li letting a building becomes lively and abound, meanwhile, also have an industry " draw near " went up Lou Yu is surviving comfortably. Rise today, our newspaper takes you to walk into the Lou Yu in Nanjing city, over there experience " condition of new life of floor world economy " .

The company of the desk type of all of one suit already was no longer in present office building, still have the store of meal inn, bar, clothing, beautiful shell inn, store that protect skin... reporter yesterday with respect to seek by inquiry a few individualizing emotional appeal are little inn.

Lie in armour of the beauty on 15 buildings sofa

The reporter discovered in the 15 buildings of edifice of chamberlain bridge Hua Rong one is called the beautiful shell center that points to a sweet language yesterday, decorate quite tranquilly with warmth, two clients are lying on sofa to do fingernail.

"Point to a sweet language " cattail inn is long tell a reporter, this store had opened 3 years, they still have store of one gate area in Shanghai road. Cattail inn is long say, because have appearance store, and the brand has been done, although leave,be in office building, need not worry about passenger source however.

In the set up shop in office building a clear advantage is chummage petty gain. Cattail inn is long say, the area of this inn is in probably 90 much square metre, the appearance inn of Shanghai road has 20 square metre only, but the rent with two annual inn is same however. Relative to congested appearance inn, here can build atmosphere more, and a few guests that the ministry that become a base nurses also feel the illicit close sex here is better, be willing to be done to here more.

Sit in 16 buildings to buy clothing

In the 16 buildings of edifice of Hua Xin of new market opening, opening a dress store that is called tide to pick up, a lot of office worker in periphery can be taken the advantage of have a meal midday the sky that rest should go in small shop " clean out treasure " .

As different as a lot of dress shop is, tide picks up li of flavour that appearing to lie fallow, the magazine of edge of comfortable sofa, desk, still have the notebook computer that can get online freely, fall here more resembling is one rests the place of the party. Teng inn is long laughing to tell a reporter, shop comfortable also be a when attract a customer main reason.
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