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Choose office building to decorate a room most be very popular

A when Central Plains real estate offers last week " market of office building of the Chengdu City considers to report " the analysis that undertook comprehensive full and accurate to the integral circumstance of market of office building of current this locality and characteristic. Show a few big change of market of demand of current office building according to report content, be like to decorating a respect, 4 decorate completely into scale requirement, two ask into or so scale condole supports or clear water room; In positional respect, after the area in afterwards city, south the city and the new hot ground that region of southern new the city zone will be development of Chengdu future office building...
Preparation changes of office building, 49% choose in with the area that gives priority to south the city.

Central Plains real estate expresses about the personage, at present market of Chengdu office building appears a heat area " 3 minutes of the world " situation. Mix south downtown, city southern new city piece the area is the area that office building collects. 3 area have an advantage each: The financial service that downtown relies on the commercial trade that develop to perfect and good office foundation, the portion inside area is unused land may provide a space for office building development; Numerous and high-grade residence, hotel, meal is had south the city, and double shed an International Airport to be inside this area, personage of advanced business affairs of numerous home abroad gathers here, business affairs atmosphere is grumous; Southern new city has very rich land resource. The place in combining future to develop prospect produces a personage to think, although downtown is in future can protruding shows item of a batch of high-quality goods, but suffer land to be restricted narrowly, supply dimensions to be broken through hard. Under photograph comparing, southern new city is reached south the city piece area, have many development land, plus the program of the Chengdu City to urban function area, next generation office property are in the likelihood this area to center, have infinite play space. The sampling findings of the office building client such as square of business affairs of garden of square of square of border of Germany of federal to Weisidu large building, abundant, Manhadu, waltz, hatch, new and high science and technology also shows, change in preparation in the client of office building, the person of 49% was in intent section line south the city the area less than that give priority to, it is to choose to be occupied each in the scale of deputy center austral downtown and city next 24% .

4 decorate completely into scale requirement, two ask into or so scale condole supports or clear water room.

Sample in this in investigation, main concentration is in the demand that the client reachs room level to property to be decorated completely on, hold the proportion of 40% ; It is the demand of pair of condole tops and clear water room next, occupy respectively 25% and 21% quite scale. This explains the client hands in room standard to rise somewhat to property. On the issue that rent or buys, the person of 60% sufferred inquirer to choose to rent. This one phenomenon explains, the purchaser of office building is not equal with the person that use at a group. The client distributings in the industry on, main concentration corresponds in IT/ / network, electron, finance, estate, trade, among them the client of trade is occupied 18% , tall head the list.
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