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Clairvoyant building town is small the government that confuses setting to fall
When in countrywide room city cools, how does local government use proper policy adjusting control to lead estate market into the orbit of rational development? If where,stabilize " pillar sex industry " development while is safeguard citizen reasonable " living authority " ?

Enter 2008, the building town of Chinese each district is small fan already became the fact that does not dispute. Depreciate in building city while tide spreads everywhere, more person that buy a house are in however hold money sturdily to await bought resolution. Below this kind of circumstance, many local government rolled out the favourable policy that a series of exciting building city consume sadly. These adopt during perch of Chinese room city is adjusted " help city " measure, motive and opportunity are appropriate, the controversy that caused social all circles and discuss.

Government " help city " concealed like that become a common practice

Since 2008, go up not to drop only all along, clinch a deal exuberant Chinese building city appeared the change of a few fetching attention. Each district skill, secondhand the room trades quantity occurrence the whole line is small fan: The data that comes from housing and ministry of urban and rural construction makes clear, came this year in January in May, city of 40 keys of countrywide builds commodity room, secondhand room accumulative total clinchs a deal the area drops respectively compared to the same period 24.9% , 20.9% . Not only each are big in urban house price rises an occurrence fall after a rise, because develop insecurity of business capital catenary, all along prosperous land trades market shedding takes an appearance also is as one falls.

Glide in estate market below the stimulation of evidence, a few local government are rolled out sadly " warm city " favourable policy. At the beginning of September, xi'an municipal government came on stage " a certain number of opinions that develop about restoring real estate " , include a series of favourable policy of the domain such as land, accumulation fund, taxation, finance, among them most conspicuous is right the citizen buys commodity housing to offer finance of certain proportional government subsidy: Xi'an citizen came on September 4, 2008 during December 31, 2009, buy commodity house to all can acquire amount of the money that buy a house when card of conduction house property 0.5% to the governmental subsidy of 1.5% . According to house of Xi'an city commodity is sold first half of the year this year all square metre of 4340 yuan of / calculates value, buy 90 square metre and housing of the following area, xi'an citizen is highest can win subsidy of 5859 yuan of finance.

In fact, current and similar favourable policy is in a lot of places low-key advance. August, shenyang municipal government announces to restart policy of the allowance that buy a house, raise the fixed number of year that housing accumulation fund borrows money and limit. Be in likewise August, to avoid estate the sale lasts fall after a rise, henan saves a government to announce, since September 1, henan province dweller buys commodity house but derate estate trades agree duty, reduce a fund paying a house, lengthen loan time limit to wait, the room that can enjoy commercial bank place to offer at the same time is borrowed best interest rate.
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