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The basis invests now " online analyst " the statistic that to home the investment grade data of 1800 Yu Ming's analysts has institute of business of many 70 certificate, in 30 stocks before this week invests the attune on grade to reside, the industry distributings to disperse quite: Equipment of estate, electron and instrument, software and chemical moral course of study are ranked the first, each have 3 companies selected. This period we choose real-estate industry to undertake commenting on. The adjustment of estate market already lasted near one year, the anticipation that drops to boom as the market tends consistent, clinch a deal the phenomenon that price of atrophic, house falls already was in stage by stage countrywide limits appears, the market is adjusted already became systematization risk. Commodity house clinchs a deal price respect, countrywide all computation compares negative growth according to beginning occurrence annulus, the majority is great in the city is in experience house price from add compared to the same period fast the process that drops to enjoy growth compared to the same period even to annulus comparing, predict price level is countrywide room to keep balance basically compared to the same period this year. Commodity house clinchs a deal area respect, city of a gleam of is the first atrophic, extent is achieved 3 to 5 into. Countrywide commodity house clinchs a deal this year the area predicts to drop compared to the same period 30% . We walk along the judgement of situation to prospective market is city of a gleam of clinchs a deal farther atrophic space is limited, but the price will be reduced further, 23 lines city will slightly city of duplicate a gleam of takes lag land situation. Country analyst of sea negotiable securities thinks, from at present outstanding achievement looks, appear on the market company performance is good at the industry average, the contribution of brand of this profit from and capital dominant position and bibcock enterprise. But systematization risk hard evasive, board piece outstanding achievement growth anticipates not hopeful already, and do not exclude individual business appear major problem is caused board piece quaky likelihood, the four seasons spends pair of estate board piece investment still wants discretion, maintain board piece " neuter " grade. Negotiable securities analyst is promoted to think east, the brand advantage of the enterprise in adjusting will be the element that investor requires to pay close attention to mainly, the estate that has a brand will take up a political career plan, dimensions, business praise wait for many respects to be benefited, have higher investment value. In having the enterprise of good brand to compete the market in ceaseless aggravate, win out, will obtain higher excessive price in market competition. Additional, sell as commodity house market not the abidance of flourishing, advocate course of study rents at business affairs the room develops what develop with industrial garden area to appear on the market the company will show bade to be worth. Baolide produces (600048) : Great Wall negotiable securities gives a company " discretion is recommended " grade. Zhang Jiang tall division (600895) : Begin outstanding achievement 8 years to accelerate release. How is Guo Taijun maintained " add hold " investment grade, recommend mainly continuously. Responsibility edits: Merchant Li Min

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