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The get warm again after a cold spell after foundation of sound of field of A st
Zhouer of field of A stock market is early paragraph of urgent defeat, card put together points to on drop 100.84 a little bit at most, but ever since as the bank with real estate look forward to is firm and close narrow drop. European banking confronts the crisis, become spark week of one whole world the fuse of calamity, but government of investor longing China will relax estate credit policy, and industrial and commercial bank drop broken collect gold to increase offer, also make market longing can have add further oppose action. Card put together points to on sign up for 2145.83 a little bit now, drop 1.28% ; Deep card is become point to sign up for 7128.98 a little bit now, drop 1.22% . Coal with blame bank kind finance get drop, your excavate index and financial index all fall even more 5% . Li Jing of chairman of department of Chinese security market publishs Magendatong today the report points out, "Concerned China government can roll out policy to support low income to the dweller buys a house and have in the light of business of a few development relax optionally the conjecture of credit is increasing. " undoubted to the relaxation of estate policy also the gain capacity that conduce increases banking and asset quality. Additional, collecting gold to announced to increase the minimum price of bank of industrial and commercial bank, Bank of China, construction when holding on September 23 is respectively 4.12, 3.6, 4.47 yuan, but early today city these all under this price, do not eliminate to collect gold to be in low the likelihood that buys. Before this, collect gold to be added through 2 class market the travel that support project, Construction Bank and in travel share each 2 million, express to plan to be in future continues to increase the share that holds 3 banks inside 12 months. Weight drop generally, chinese god China drop 5.15% , chinese birthday drops 2.69% , but industrial and commercial bank is gone against situation rise 1.97% , the bank such as bank of Bank of China, transportation also rise generally; Additional, interest of A of 10 thousand divisions rises 5.42% , group of land of the real estate that enrol business, gold all is swelled even more 5% . Responsibility edits: Merchant Li Min

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