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Building city Jin Jiuyin 10 encounter cold aid to hit fold beneficence estate sa
Jinan on October 6 dispatch is the first day when go to work after the section 6 days, after the sale status of a week of check golden week, business of many Jinan house property discover disappointedly, building city experience is all-time " cold air " , sale status it may be said " gloomy " . Accept when interviewing, many development business say frankly, "Jin Jiuyin 10 " no longer. 5 days of reporters visit Jinan to count a building dish when discovery, the cold and cheerless in the selling office, many buildings dish in the selling office, the salesperson should compare the citizen that chooses a room much. As we have learned, in 7 days of long holidays, many buildings dish rolled out a discount, give the privilege such as property, but the effect that these privilege did not have to upset the market, lou Pancheng pays an amount not only did not grow, annulus comparing drops somewhat instead. Although clinch a deal,the quantity glides all the way, but many buildings dish salesperson firm say, the privilege after long holiday passes will be cancelled. In a selling office, development business placed the favourable advertisement sheet that the house buys during the row has long holiday, in the bottom of advertisement sheet, writing awesomely " the building after October 8 dish the price is fixed rise 20 thousand yuan " ad saying. The personage inside course of study thinks, cast advertisement content not to talk, this ad saying can reflect a development business people a kind of when restore market confidence anxious state of mind. Jinan believes Zhu Jiang of Li Yi high general manager to say to the reporter, of Jinan building city low fan, more it is the effect that suffers domestic big environment, and the net reports the Lou Pancheng of Beijing and other places that go out to pay an amount recently considerably price of house of atrophic, next year will continue to fall low message, the wait-and-see attitude of the person that buy a house more sturdily. This sale year goes time in, house property market has improvement hard, a few buildings dish the target that implementation the beginning of the year makes already was become " the job that finishs impossibly " . Beijing: The golden week trades the volume falls 72%   Wuhan: Lowermost house price defeats 5000 yuan / rice   is occupied " new capital signs up for " report, beijing building city trades quantity " 11 " during the golden week unusual cold and cheerless, the person that see a room is to look to be not bought only. The data of net of Beijing estate buying operation shows, "11 " period room day all signs house of the commodity between gold cycle to be measured about it is 69, become trade this year a the quantity is least long holiday, than last year " 11 " the golden week dropped 72% . The data of net of Beijing estate buying operation shows, arrived on September 29 during October 4, period room lot measures Beijing commodity house about only 412. This autograph is measured about than this year the Spring Festival is reached " 51 " the autograph that wait makes an appointment with a quantity to all drop somewhat, than last year " 11 " the autograph of the golden week is measured about is to glide considerably more. Statistical data shows, last year " 11 " residential day all is signed during the golden week make an appointment with a quantity to be 246, compare this year the corresponding period dropped last year 72% . (new capital signs up for)   is occupied " Chu Tianjin signs up for " report, numerous development business is Jiangchen Wuhan during the golden week contend for client of scare buying room, hit greatly in succession depreciate card. Between long holiday, building of periphery of line of fierce prosperous core dish lowest all price falls to again new low -- be not worth 5000 yuan / square metre. Those who hit this price is garden first floor of Wuhan Xu Dongyang dish. Salesperson introduction, rolled out room of more than 100 special offer this, the two houses that 88 square metre control, the price is in 430 thousand - 470 thousand yuan, all valence makes an appointment with 5000 yuan / square metre, lowest is monovalent 4700 multivariate. This building dish this year June when open quotation, the price since two rooms achieves 6000 yuan / square metre. And in Wu Changna lake, first floor dish hit directly " fall continuously 100 thousand yuan " old standard; Around additional first floor dish, look for sale chief inspector allegedly, can hit again on the base that organizes an activity at present 9 fold. Responsibility edits: Merchant Li Min

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