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In the random bureau that Chinese building city is in gain of a profit to weichi. Government of afterwards each district comes on stage of all kinds covert after the plan that delivers estate business, in room assist with lively interest spokesman part requirement administration offers full credit banking policy, come " support " the development of real estate. If this is planted,intervene directly with monetary adjusting control and local government of the market " bind " with " untie a person " mode is performed again and again, chinese real estate treads again with respect to hard to avoid " put random, close to die " vicious circle, its result, it is the estate business that to shirk passes adjusting control no matter, still be the consumer with lack of power purchasing power, all more look forward to looks at the adjusting control at administration, and the consequence that such doing, besides increase each interest principal part the balanced difficulty between and cause deeper besides acerber contradiction, can not achieve the goal that makes real estate health develops truly. Apparent, seek the way of the benign development of Chinese real estate, must find his way additionally. Appear in economy the moment of truth of multiple uncertain factor, start the system sex that includes finance system to be reformed inside to change only, develop in order to put the benign growth that authority allows benefit to exchange economy, just be the only outlet that saves estate market. Reforming the first pace is to must straighten the central relation with local government, system of government of the money that start makes reform and taxation system reform, make local government owns the right of property that matchs with responsibility authority photograph, make its are cast off thereby excessive to land financial depend on, return to the standard of market supervisor and night watchman. This year first half of the year, countrywide revenue gross earnings finishs three thousand one hundred and forty-two billion five hundred and seventy-five million yuan, the expert predicts, countrywide finance income will be adjacent this year 6 trillion. Comfortable finance income, the regime that it is money made reform and taxation system reform offer historic opportunity. Appear in countrywide real estate below dispirited condition, no matter be to adjust the scale between central taxation and local taxation appropriately, or pay the special move that suits local administration specific project is examined and approve and transfer to a lower level of job of allocation of funds gives local government, will conduce to alleviate this one contradiction, also from go up at all the impulse that broke off local government to seek money from inside land. The 2nd pace of reform is the current situation that changes local government to become only land to supply principal part, rural collective construction uses the ground to wait bring into whole land to supply principal part, let local government earn emergence to come from inside land finance, mix from property tax trade gain profit in duty, change the income pattern of local government, can last of stimulative place economy development. Be in seventeen 3 in during plenary meeting is about to hold, about " the period that Chinese urban and rural construction spends with ground n duality or will terminative " cry is incessant. Allegedly, " land management method " edit 2 times had formed inside ministry of land natural resources amend plan formally, be opposite among them the 2nd chapter " the droit of land and access " it is important to will be made revise. Return the land right of the farmer, the real estate influence that is pair of China comes for far-reaching one pace, than any step of estate adjusting control is more essential, the effect is more apparent also. Be like old " land management method " medium " the access of all land must not give farmer collective let, make over or rent with Yu Fei agriculture is built " the regulation can be revised if really, and acting with " farmer collective is passed lawfully paid taking collective construction uses ground access, can make over after classics approval, rental, guaranty " , "The collective construction that farmer collective member acquires through free allocation uses ground access, can make over after classics approval, rent and mortgage " , so, local government supplies influence to will be challenged thoroughly to building the rig that uses the land. Besides, do away with the rig that estate business supplies to commodity house, allow a citizen to collect money build the room, commodity house such as rural collective to supply main body to enter, make supply main body diversity, make have talent, capable estate business can be depended on no longer " take the land " prerogative and innovation of support structure design, administrative system innovation will get profit, ability from substantially the estate business with rescue extremely abominable figure, thereby final " the city that save a building " , also helped estate market of China. The 3rd pace of reform is various government needs to yield benefit at civilian with the enterprise, tibet abounds civilian with the enterprise, reform has unreasonable taxation system, provide more and public articles for use and service, change " the country enrichs the people poor " for " country Jiang Minfu " , let reform gain benefit and the whole people, thereby from the residential demand power that increases the whole people substantially, demand of the investment in changing current estate market and live oneself the scale of demand, lay next foundations to build healthy estate market. Of course, this a series of the system changes to involve multiple interest repartition necessarily, can touch especially quite the interest of group of one part vested interest. But the key of the problem depends on, if not with " put authority to yield benefit " interest repartition and system change will exchange economy benign development, contain is worn the market meets the estate of the crisis ask with bigger crisis cost the whole people pays cost. Between both what course to follow, different dissolves ability for the political wisdom of test policymaker and crisis. Responsibility edits: Merchant Li Min

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