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Service of intermediary of Hangzhou city estate collects fees executive method
The first is built to suit and perfect the requirement of socialist market economy, of orgnaization of service of normative estate intermediary collect fees behavior, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of party, the health of service industry of stimulative estate intermediary develops, basis " standard of value of People's Republic of China " , state committee of planning " intermediary service collects fees administrative measure " with ministry of state committee of planning, construction " the announcement that collects fees about estate intermediary service " the regulation that waits for concerned law, regulations and policy, combine this city to make this executive way actually.

This the 2nd executive method is applied to in Hangzhou urban district (do not contain Xiao Shan area, Yu Hang area) the management that service of intermediary of the estate inside limits collects fees.

Service of intermediary of the 3rd estate collects fees is to show the estate medium that has aptitude to be established lawfully serves an orgnaization to accept party to entrust, offer estate to seek advice, estate broker, estate evaluates those who wait for service institute collection to manage a gender to collect fees.

Bureau of price of city of the 4th Hangzhou is this city the director office that estate intermediary service collects fees. Be in charge of carrying out country, province to serve the policy that collect fees about estate intermediary, make intermediary of estate of definitive edition city serve the provision that collect fees, to intermediary of whole town estate the service collects fees executive management, directive, coordinate and supervise.

Each area value is in charge of a branch (include each development) the regulation according to implementing measure originally, to the estate intermediary inside this area limits the service collects fees undertake administrative.

Service of intermediary of the 5th estate is executed " entrust of one's own accord, paid service " principle, must not enforce or covert compulsory service, collect fees forcibly.

Service of intermediary of the 6th estate collects fees execute in adjusting control of national price policy, guide below, basically form the system of the price by the market. Serve different item according to estate intermediary, implement market adjustment price and governmental guidance price respectively.

The 7th estate intermediary service that executes market adjustment price collects fees serve orgnaization proper motion to make by estate intermediary or with entrust just talk things over affirmatory.

Solid administration seat of government coachs the estate intermediary service of valence collects fees, the fiducial price that estate intermediary serves an orgnaization to should be in charge of a branch to announce according to the price (cost is led) , inside float extent of the regulation, and entrust just talk things over affirmatory.
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