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Zhejiang saves social intermediary orgnaization to run way
General principles of the first chapter

The first serves the development of course of study to promote intermediary, the behavior of orgnaization of normative society intermediary, safeguard intermediary to serve market order, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of social intermediary orgnaization and client, according to the country concerned law, code sets, union is saved originally actual, make this way.

The social intermediary orgnaization inside this the 2nd province administration area (orgnaization of intermediary of the following abbreviation) reach its hold personnel of course of study ought to observe this way.

This the 3rd method place calls intermediary the orgnaization, it is to point to what establish lawfully to use technical knowledge and mastery of a skill or technique, provide intermediary service for client according to certain business regulation or program, and collection is corresponding the organization of charge. Include:

(one) independent audit orgnaization;

(2) asset, land, project evaluate an orgnaization;

(3) orgnaization of project inspect manage;

(4) the service orgnaization such as law, archives;

(5) the advisory orgnaization such as information, technology, project;

(6) detect, examine, orgnaization of notarial, attestation;

(7) the introductory orgnaization such as profession, talent, marriage;

(8) industrial and commercial register, Wu of brand, patent, duty, estate, action bids, wait for acting orgnaization because of illicit discrepancy condition;

(9) the other organization that accords with this method regulation.

Government of people of above of class of the 4th county ought to serve intermediary course of study to bring into national economy and social progress to plan, optimize intermediary to serve the development environment of course of study, stimulative intermediary serves industry health, orderly development.

Technology of finance of government of people of above of class of the 5th county, judicatory, science and technology, education, construction, irrigation works, quality is supervised, the regulation that the service such as safeguard of land natural resources, public security, civil administration, labor, human affairs reachs this way according to law, code, in be in charge of concerning respectively, interpose orgnaization is reached its hold the supervisory management of personnel of course of study.

Audit department is in charge of the business quality of independent audit orgnaization supervising.

What department of industrial and commercial administration is in charge of intermediary orgnaization is industrial and commercial register and supervise.

Orgnaization of the 6th intermediary ought to join guild, or establish intermediary guild.

Guild ought to standard of self-discipline of course of study of formulate one's own profession and chasten regulation, do good self-discipline manages and supervise, produce industry self-discipline effect, intermediary of course of study of direct one's line serves the development of course of study.
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